Fasting is One Way to Worship God

To worship God means to express yourself in such a way as to show how much you value God Himself. God wants worship from the heart. “The Father is seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:23,24). Our worship ought to be sincere, based on the true opinion of our heart, […]

Song – Can the Friends of the Bridegroom Fast?

This song puts together some of the main words about fasting from the lips of our Lord Jesus Christ. Earlier version Words are taken from Mark 2:19-20 and Matthew 6:16-18 Key: Em Can the friends of the Bridegroom fast while the Bridegroom is with with them? As long as they have the Bridegroom with them, […]

The Power of A Fasted Lifestyle

I haven’t been living this consistently myself, but I am heading in this direction. Fasting is powerful, as I have pointed out on this website in other places, but a “fasted lifestyle” is also very powerful. To live a fasted lifestyle  means never eating all you want, but only what you need. It helps you […]

Healing of Frozen Shoulder during Fast

Over the short period of 3 weeks I have been healed of frozen shoulder of 10 months. I cancelled the surgery that was scheduled for Oct 18th. I was also told by my family physician I HAD to go on Blood pressure medicine so I did. WELL…..I saw him today and they took my blood pressure 3 times. It dropped 30 points in one month (no medicine can do that) and my doctor told me I can stop taking it Im cured……haha HEALED in Jesus Name! Hallelujah! And it is so great to be able to use my shoulder and not be in chronic pain. For 10 months, and now I am healed Praise God!

Prayer and Fasting Conclusion – by Dr Ja Shil Choi

We are living in an age when some discount the
miracles of God as nonexistent. Multitudes today have
a religion, a form of godliness, but know nothing of the
power of Christ to transform lives. Religion has been
formal and ritualistic, devoid of all feeling and emo-
tion, based on an intellectual knowledge of Christ
without the benefit ora personal encounter with Him.
It is not enough to know of Christ. You must have a
personal encounter with Him. You must have been in
His presence and have been changed by His power. It is
a life-changing experience!

Healing of Diabetes and More through Fasting and Prayer

I praise and worship
the Lord for His
blessings and for healing
me in March, 1972. I was
not a Christian at the
time and worked at a paint shop. I had taken medicine
for a long time because of bad colds. As I drank wine
and took the medicine, the disease grew worse and
worse. Finally I lost so much strength in my legs it was
difficult to walk straight.

Jesus Heals man of Tuberculosis and Cancer through Prayer and Fasting

About three years ago, I had an
unusual pain and began to run a
fever. I went to the hospital for an
examination, and after the X-rays
and tests were completed the doctor
told me I had tuberculosis and
cancer. I thought I would die soon,
and I became very depressed.

Son Healed of Rare Anemia with No Known Cure – Through Fasting and Prayer

In May, 1974, my little son began having symptoms
that indicated he was not well in body. He had an un-
usually high temperature and lacked energy. Feeling
concern, I put him in the Kyanghee University
Hospital for diagnosis, but after an extensive examina-
tion the doctors could find nothing wrong. After I paid
the $500 bill, he was discharged from the hospital yet
the symptoms remained, so we began regular
treatments at an Oriental clinic. He seemed to have so
little strength so we gave him powdered antler and a
special juice medicine every day.

Alcoholic Delivered through Fasting and Prayer

For seven years I
taught school on a
small island off the
coast of Korea. Cut off
from the land and
friends, I sometimes
felt very lonely. When
these times of
loneliness, trouble,and homesickness came, I drank. I loved my wine and
eventually became an alcoholic. Without thinking of
the serious damage I was doing to my body, I thought
that I could not live without my wine. Often I would
forget to eat because of my heavy drinking.

Breast Cancer Healed through Fasting and the Power of God

For seven months before coming
to the prayer mountain, I could not
eat and was unable to walk. If I
drank even a little bit of water, I
would vomit and cough so that I
could not stand up. My heartbeat
was weak and I was taking many
different kinds of Chinese medicine
to try to make it stronger. I received countless injec-
tions, but each was effective for only a short while.

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