“The Pretender”, part 2

“The Pretender”, part 2

I’m working on a book/movie draft. If you know about tbe book, “The Pretender, part 1 , then this might be interesting info for you. It’s about part 2 and recent changes made…”keep reading”…

I’ve learned so much since part 1 and actually been reminded of the things, in a recent story plot where a creepy character, like you – my readers have talked about.

The Good Shepherd Rescued His Lost Lamb

“How many times do you have to touch rock bottom before you drown? Either pull me up or put me out.” This used to be a saying of mine as I was all too familiar with rock bottom. Most of my life was like a dark pit where I painfully clawed my way to the top, only to slide back down again. I am 33 years old today and I recently found my Saviour, Jesus Christ. He has given me such love that I’ve never felt, a peace I could have never imagined, an ecstatic joy that has flooded my whole being and a brand new life.

No Obstacle Too Great

 No Obstacle Too Great


By: Mino Pavlic

Justin’s Mask-erade – a testimony of salvation

Justin’s Mask-erade

Revival in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia

Revival in a small coastal town in Australia

The following article is an account of a revival that was reported in Outreach Magazine when Pastor Peter Earle, the Principal of the School of Ministries led a bible college team to Yeppoon. (Editor’s note: It is true that this story is now 10 years old. Still it is very encouraging and can inspire us to believe for God to do such great things again in Australia.)


From Drugs to Hearing God!

Interrupted by the Voice of God!

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up after a long relationship, and I was really tore apart inside… I started getting heavy into smoking pot…. I would look forward to going home just to get high… I would do it everyday, literally. I was going on my 6th month straight of this routine, when one night I was laying in bed completely baked… I had just bought a new ounce (which cost me over $80) and everything just came crashing in on me. I started feeling really bad about what I was doing and went back and forth for about a half hour debating in my mind whether I should just flush the whole ounce. I finally decided to do it…

From Despair to Blessing

Barry shares how God delivered him from alcoholism and an example of a financial blessing from the Lord.

Carol Terry

Carol Terry shares God’s goodness and mercy to her which came despite her sins and crack addiction, which the Lord freed her from.

Carol Dore

Bound to drugs, alcohol and wild living, Carol cried out to God and everything changed.

Linda Vegh

First, let me start out by saying that I have a wonderful family, great parents and siblings, and they are in no way to blame for what kind of person I was turning into. But there were certain events took place when I was little that had tremendous repercussions, one of which was the time I was kidnapped from our front yard, along with a brother and a sister. A nineteen year old boy took us and sexually assaulted us. Looking back, God surely had His hand in my life even then, because the kidnapper returned us all safely to our home when he was finished with us.

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