Faith is Seeing the Unseen

Which Way Lord – Chapter 9 – By Dr Chandrakumar

Faith Is Seeing The Unseen

God can move mountains. But we can move God himself! Faith is the means to move God.

Faith is trusting God for something to happen which we have not seen or experienced before. It is different from belief. We believe some thing that is already known to us. I don’t need faith to believe that I am wearing a wristwatch. Belief is past tense and faith is future tense. St.

He is with me: Story of how Christ resued a young Hindu woman in her deepest despair

Long Time Lesson

For a long while I have wrestled with God (not nearly as effectively as Jacob had done) regarding many things. Chief among these was” why?”
I never had (much of) a problem with predestination or election, etc. Or even with such questions as “how could a loving God do allow such and such to happen to me.” Or “why would God allow children to face such horrors as…” Fill in the blank. My question for God was this:


Today I am feeling a bit inferior. I have big trouble understanding scripture sometimes, and think logically 50% of the time. Might have issues hearing God’s voice.
Lord forgive me of my doubt and demolish the principalities and powers of darkness.

Facing your internal conflicts

I want to bring this thought to you from a sermon I heard by Bishop T. D. Jakes. While preaching articulately about the boy who was demon possessed, Bishop mentioned about how the father of that boy had brought his son to Jesus for healing and yet he cried out to help his unbelief.


Doubting Brother

Hi all,
My name is Emily and this is my first blog.
I have a brother who is Christian, but doubts God.

I am in the seventh grade and learn about religion in school. Todays lesson was on faith in God. We learned the the definition of faith was belief in God. Also, we learned that faith is a girt of God’s invitation to share in His life and love for ever and that faith is a response tp either accept or reject His offer to believe in Him. Faith affects every single aspect of our lives!

Why Some Fail to Receive Divine Healing – Further Reasons

There are reasons why people don’t receive divine healing. We don’t always know which one applies in every case, but this teaching is given with the hope that such objections will be removed.

Faith in God

Faith in God makes us certain of what we do not see

Faith in God is marvellous because God is reliable. Faith releases the blessing of God. It brings God onto the scene.

Prayers to Speak in Faith

Lord, remind me that whatever word is not of faith is sin. (Romans 14:23)

Lord, I thank you for the faith of God. (Mark 11:22)

Lord, thank you that I can say to the works of the devil "Be Removed!" without doubting in my heart, but believing that what I say will happen, and I shall have what I say. (Mark 11:23)

Lord, help me to mix the Word with faith. (Hebrews 4:2)

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