The Word of God teaches us Wisdom

God’s Word Brings Wisdom The Scriptures tell us that genuine wisdom is one of the greatest treasures we could have. “Profit that comes from wisdom is better than silver and even the finest gold. Wisdom is worth more than fine jewels. Nothing you desire has more value.” (Proverb 3:14,15 ERV) The benefits of wisdom are […]

The Word of God teaches us Who We Are

God’s Word teaches us who we are Without the Word of God, we would not know who we are as human beings. People who reject the Word of God have all kinds of beliefs about our identity. Some will state that we are animals, primates, descendants of some kind of monkey. If that is the […]

God’s Word gives us True Purpose for Living

God’s Word reveals the True Purpose for Living Talking with non-Christians in Australia, my home country, especially amongst people who are pursuing wealth creation, I have often heard that “there is no purpose for life, except one you create for yourself”. Secular humanists, self-help gurus and others may encourage us to adopt “a definite chief […]

God’s Word Promotes Learning and Knowledge

God’s Word Promotes Learning and Knowledge from “The Power of God’s Word” by Michael Fackerell The Book of Proverbs tells us that the heart of the wise seeks knowledge. The Scriptures promote not only the knowledge of the Scriptures themselves, but also the knowledge of God’s world, how it works and how we may better […]

God’s Word Blesses Family Life

God’s Word blesses Family Life from the Series “The Power of God’s Word” by Michael Fackerell Unhappy broken families are a common thing in postmodern Australia, and the spread of pagan hedonistic culture around the world has only made it worse. How much better if we follow the way revealed in the Bible as the […]

God’s Word Reveals the Promise of the Holy Spirit and Works with the Spirit

God’s Word Reveals the Promise of the Holy Spirit and Works with the Spirit From the Series – the Power of God’s Word – by Michael Fackerell God’s Word was given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit over 1600 years through different men. So the Holy Spirit is really the author of the Bible. […]

God’s Word as Seed

If you are privileged to be the owner of a Bible, you have a tremendously valuable treasure. How much you use it, how much you benefit from it, is up to you. The purpose of this series is to unfold for you a deeper understanding of just how much the Word of God can achieve – […]

The Untold History of the Bible

This 3 hours video documents key facts in the history of the Bible and the church leading up to the present day. It especially reveals the historical opposition of the Roman Church to the Scriptures themselves.

The Bible – the Word of God

What is the Bible? The Message of the Bible The Person of the Bible The Inspiration of the Bible Reasons to Believe in the Inspiration of the Bible Has the Bible been Changed? True Christianity and the authority of the Bible The Authority of the Bible Who Can Interpret the Bible? Principles of Interpretation The […]

Psalm 9: From the Gates of Hell to Gates of Glory

Psalm 9: God Defeats Puny Man

The psalm begins where the last one left off, with praise to God. The focus in this psalm, however, is more towards God's faithfulness in protecting those who look to him for deliverance when their enemies attack them. The psalmist is exultant in how powerful God is compared to which all his enemies are as nothing.

9:1 "I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders."

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