Busting a hole in the Boat

Visit My YouTube Channel today    HERE I just don’t understand why all this energy is put into the enterprise of disbelief I always thought that a true lack of belief in something should manifest itself in a state of emotional and psychological indifference and dispassion and not in a state of fanatical militant devotion; […]

The Dogmatic Delusion

Visit my YouTube Channel Today   HERE Materialism is a delusion in that it is a BELIEF that’s established on the ASSUMPTION that immaterial things do not exist. Putting aside for now the fact that billions of people over the course of human history have testified to having a transcendent experience; and also putting aside for […]

Is it Moral to be Moral?

See my video on this subject here. What kind of a universe would you have without a creator? (given that you can have a universe without a creator in the first place) One thing is certain; you couldn’t have moral standards or values existing outside of man. In fact, the best that you could have […]

Why Do So Many People Believe In God?

In view of the great suffering that exists in humanity, in view of the vastness of empty space in the Cosmos, and the apparently huge time periods that the Universe seems to have existed without life, it is remarkable that anyone believes in God. Why then do we find believers in God all over the […]

Why So Much Suffering in the World?

The atheist assumes that the Universe just exists for no particular reason. Some believe it existed forever, others say it started at the Big Bang. We’re not quite sure why the Big Bang happened, or why there were Laws of Physics around even before there was a Physical Universe – but there it is. In […]

Who Made God

“If God made the world, then who made God?” Atheists such as Richard Dawkins have said that if a complex specified Universe requires the existence of a Divine Maker, then how much more does the existence of a complex Divine Maker require Someone even greater to create Him? This is supposed to be a clever […]

Evolution vs God – Outstanding Video by Ray Comfort

Be Honest about Why you Reject God


There have been several times when I have just written a blogs from my heart without reading or trying to hunt the meaning behind what I was writing. And one person whom I will not Name, but I will call him a Pharasee has written repeatedly and told me off. I am aware of what I wrote and the questions I Ask! I don’t ask to teach, I Ask to learn. I often times ponder what God inspired people to write in certain parts of the Bible and often times people send me the most awe inspiring answers. Why does this man get angry that I write some word wrong or miss Quote?

Quotes of Dying Atheists and God-Haters

Whether all these quotes are true or not, I cannot say for sure. Some God-haters today will deny that such things were ever said. I am not a personal witness to them, but none of them would surprise me. Don't wait until YOU are in the place these people were before you decide to believe in a Holy God who requires that you humbly accept His terms of salvation.


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