Stomach Cancer Healed through Fasting and Prayer

For a long time I had been troubled with stomach problems. It seemed
I could not digest food of any kind.
Every time I ate I was in pain and at
last I went to the hospital. In spite of
the treatment and the medicine, my
condition became worse and worse.
Fearing the problem was serious, I
went to a famous hospital for an examination. At the
conclusion of the examination the doctor called my
guardian and had a serious talk with him. When I asked him about it later he told me that it was difficult to
cure cancer in the advanced stages. I knew that there
was no hope, and I was in the depths of despair.

As I began to think about my past life, I regretted all
the evil I had done. I wished that I had worshipped and
served God. Now I had lost all hope to live and dejected I waited to die. At this time I sought to draw
close to God. I had no hope to save my body, but I
wanted my soul to be at peace with God.

At first I could eat a little chicken soup, then only
watery food, and finally even when I drank medicine, I
vomited. I lost so much weight that my bones were ex-
posed. I was in great pain, and a large lump appeared
in my abdomen. I tried all types of Chinese medicines,
but with no relief. I learned later that the last hospital
where I was examined even wrote a death declaration.
When I explained all this to my eldest son, who is a
pastor, he advised me to go to the Full Gospel Prayer
Mountain and seek God. I took his advice and allowed
him to take me to the prayer mountain. As I listened to
the people testifying of their healings from tuberculosis, stomach trouble, cancer of the uterus, stomach
cancer, and other miracles, I began to have hope that I
might live and that God would heal me also.

Because of the stomach cancer it was easy for me to
fast, but after ten days I began to have an appetite. My
mind was clear. I was free from the depression and felt
refreshed. I had confidence that Jesus had healed me,
for daily I became stronger.

How thankful I am to Christ that I live again.
Because He gave me new life, I dedicated that life to
His service and will serve Him until He calls me to
heaven. Hallelujah!

-Sang Min Jin

285 Jaungnung Dong, Sangbuk Ku

Seoul, Korea

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