Still Here, Still Fighting

I became a Christian back in the year 2000. But in 2004 I went to the doctor because I was bleeding and well past menopause so I knew something was wrong. As I suspected, it was bad news. I had Cancer. Ovarian cancer to be exact.
I was working a part time job doing a humble but necessary task. Driving a school bus for a company that handled a variety of school routes.

At the time I was living with my sister. When I found out I had Cancer the treatment was to have a series of Chemo followed by a complete hysterectomy with more follow up chemotherapy. At the time of the surgery the doctors having saw something strange on my liver decided that I need a procedure where they use a laser to kill the bad cells on the liver. The procedure is called a “Radiofrequency Ablation.”

So during the surgery I had my main surgeon and his team doing a hysterectomy, and a seperate liver surgeon doing the RA. Then my main surgeon also found that my gall bladder was bad with a huge gallstone in it, so they removed that too!

Regarding the chemo (pre-surgery). After the first treatment I was so sick that I decided to go and live with the youngest of my two daughters. She and her husband and my three grandchildren, lived in another county. A good two and a half hours away. But I made the move anyway because she was the only one who could help take care of me. My daughter was SO wonderful to me and was my rock in the real world. She had her own busy schedule, raising three young children and taking care her of her elderly father-in-law. I praise God for giving her to me because I don’t know what I would have done without her. I was so sick at times that her and her husband asked their young men neighbors for some marijuana, because I found out that it was the only thing that stopped the terrible nausea. After living with them for several months I was able to get my own apt. The good news is in this town, the cost of living is cheaper and eventually after my chemo and surgery I found a cute little apt. near them. I collected Social Security disability so I was able to make ends meet and pay household bills etc. But as for my cancer I am still not cured. I don’t think there is a cure for this type of cancer as of yet. I remember when my doctor told me that I needed surgery, he said this cancer was very serious, and the vibes that I got from him even though he never said it outright was that I might not live beyond a couple of years.

But I have strong faith in God. After I got Cancer there were SO MANY people through my church and Pastor and his network who prayed for me. I went four years, every couple of months having ct scans and the CA125 blood test. This test, measures the cancer level in your blood. If it goes up significantly there is a chance your cancer has returned. After four years, I was tested routinely and also after having a routine ct scan, my cancer level had risen and my doctor saw a slight growth or dark spot from the ct scan of my pelvis.

He was sure my cancer had returned. So I told him I wanted to do surgery and chemo again. Which we did. This time the cancer was on my colon. My doctors said they had never seen ovarian cancer act ths way. And btw these are great doctors. Oncologist/surgeons who practice at Evanston Northwestern Hospital. Anyway the cancer was around a segment of my colon and it was attached to my pelvic bone. My doctor told me post surgery that they removed a foot of my colon, and scraped off the pelvic bone. He said they got all of it! After that I had to have a series of chemotherapy again. This time I managed to find a facility closer to my town. Only about twenty miles or so away.

That was a little over two years ago. All in all it’s been six years since I was diagnosed with Cancer. I am still here and I am still fighting. I seriously owe it all to Him, I owe everything to him because it’s only by his Grace that he is letting me stay. Maybe he thinks I have a reason and I do. I’m not ready to go! I love my granddaughters and my family and I still am enjoying life. But evenso I am there for my daughter as well. She has recently divorced and is struggling on her own, being unemployed, to raise her four children. I help her whenever I can.

But I made my Christian website recently to try and do something for God for a change. I hope that people read this and realize I am one of God’s true miracles. His miracles I see every day. Some people say that the age of miracles has been long over. I beg to differ. People are in a hurry all the time, so they don’t notice. They just need to really stop, look around, listen and think..

Anyway that’s my story. .. If you want to have a relationship with Christ it’s quite easy. Just pray and let him know that you believe in him, you believe he died for everyone’s sins, that he became the Savior of us all. Tell him you repent of your sins and you want to have him in your life. Mean it with your whole heart. You will be a creation of his then..

Find a good church for fellowship. Then get yourself babtized through water. It’s that easy… Good luck to you my friends, and God Bless you!

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