Spiritual Warfare

I was staying with a friend of mine in high school, his dad and mother were split up, we would stay at his moms during the week and @ his dads on the weekends b/c there were’nt any rules. We were @ his dad’s one day and he asked us to go get him some smokes. I noticed some witchcraft books on his shelf and reached for 1. He then told me I dodnt need to mess with it, i started joking with him saying things like “you dont really believe you can talk to spirits.” We left got his smokes and came back, i kept aggrivating him throughout the night until he finally approached me and said” are you sure you want me to do this, i could come out and throw you against a wall and not realize im doing it.” I said yes. His dad did not take the divorce well and was using alchocol and drugs during this time of his life. Also i would like to note that me and my buddy did not do anything to impare our judgement this night. His dad went to his room then came out minutes later, he stood in the hallway where the entrance was to the living room. His arms were at his side, the lights started blinking on and off, faster than any human could possibly do. The overwhelming presence of something evil swept throughout the room. I lost it, i remember looking up and praying to God and Jesus to help me. You would have thought by the way this presence felt that it was Satan himself @ this house. I remember coming to my senses, thats it was morning and having the felling that its ok, not to be afraid. Almost like someone was telling me this. Me and my buddy didnt talk about this because of how devestating of an experience it was. I was telling a co-worker of mine the story and he asked me when i came to my senses where was I at and what was i doing? I could remember that i was @ the house but couldnt remember what i was doing. This sparked me to contact my buddy, i found him through myspace.com and asked him what he saw that night, he said his dad came out, the lights started blinking, i started praying, his dads eyes rolled back in his head, his hair turned from black to white, and his dad was speaking another language. I then asked him if i passed out or went to sleep that night, he said i stood there praying outloud all night! I believe that sense my 1st response was to call out to God and Jesus that he took my mind, vision, and hearing out of the situation. I would like to read your comments and answer any questions you may have.

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