Spiritual Protection

     The sad fact is that most Christians are completely ignorant in the concepts of spiritual protection. The theoretical knowledge has been taught, however the practical knowledge is missing. There are many Christians who contact me for help with evil problems, not knowing how to use Jesus and his Blood to defend themselves. The Blood of Jesus Christ is a master weapon in the arsenal of spiritual protection to fight evil forces.

     As a result of this lack of teaching in churches, many life-long Christians are turning elsewhere for help with spiritual protection, leading them away from God. They become seduced by the fact that a psychic may offer a solution to them, but in reality, nothing can heal evil problems but Jesus.

     This can all be avoided if only church leaders would offer practical advice to people in spiritual warfare. However, many people who turn to their church for evil problems are often chastized or rejected, because that is how evil works. It then forces a follower of Christ to look outside the church for answers to spiritual protection. Some may even be seduced by one of the millions of web-sites which offer black magic as a solution. This must change.

     Everyone knows that asking for forgiveness is cornerstone to the Christian faith. But what most people do not know is that when someone prays for forgiveness for a sin, Jesus covers them with the blood. If you are not praying for this then it would be beneficial to add it in to your prayers when you pray for forgiveness. When you are covered with the blood, he is granting you spiritual protection and closing the door for evil to enter through that sin. 

     You can pray for the blood to cover you in all instances. You can pray for the blood to cover you mind, even without asking for forgiveness. You can pray for Jesus to cover your children, your car, your cell phone or anything for which you want spiritual protection. You can also plead the blood of Jesus Christ over the TV, or over the computer, because evil can enter through reading and seeing things.

     One of the most effective ways to use the blood of Jesus for spiritual protection is to plead the blood AGAINST someone. If you encounter someone that you know may attack you in some way, or someone that you sense is very negative, you can please the blood of Jesus Christ against this person before you speak to them, or before you answer the phone.

     The Blood of Jesus Christ can break evil bonds over you. The blood of Jesus Christ is powerful spiritual protection. You just need to know how to use it.

     Sample Prayer:

Father in the name of Jesus, please bless me with spiritual protection like only you can as I go into the world. Lord, cover my mind, body, soul, emotions and spirit with the Holy Blood. Thank you Jesus. Amen.



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