Spiritual Crisis

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I’m new to this sort of thing but I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or help as to my recent spiritual crises. (I thought I would put this under this topic though as it concerns the occult and “New Age” religions.)

I was raised a Roman Catholic and until I went to University was very happy with my faith and believed quite fervently in Jesus’ love of all his children and felt very happy knowing that he had died to save us from our sins. As I said though this was until at University where I fell away from my faith (I have been at uni for nearly 3 years now) and recently I had a very deep depression.

This depression essentially stemmed from my all consuming fear that I would not see the deceased members of my family again and that I believed for a time that after I died that was it…oblivion.

It was then suggested by certain members of my family that I consult some psychic mediums for ‘solace’ or ‘comfort’, I was willing to try anything due to my heartache and although I haven’t been to see a medium, I have been reading up about famous mediums and psychics who seemed to defy all convenient explanation and offer some sort of ‘comfort’ to the world.

I am gradually realising that these things are strongly taught against in the Bible and I was wondering if there are any more people who know from experience that it is indeed evil agents who are supplying these mediums and psychics with information, even when they talk about everyone experiencing a sort of heaven (I am referring to the supposed psychic communication of the deceased FWH Myers through the medium Geraldine Cummins in the 1920’s – perhaps some people know of this case and have recognized it as the work of Satan – please I need guidance.)

The case featured on this website concerning Laura Maxwell is obviously a chilling example of what can happen if you go down the occult or new age route, Laura I am truly sorry for what happened to you and your mother (God Bless her soul) it is absolutely heart-braking, but I just need that bit of help and perhaps some guidance as I am very confused and lost and I want to get back my faith…I want to know Jesus is watching over me and my family.

I am not meaning to test the BIble or the Lord, I am just a very confused soul who needs some comfort. Is there anyone out there who was a Spiritualist and is familiar with the stories of Jesus being a “great philosopher” and “advanced soul” etc and astral realms and all that similar spiritualist rubbish, who KNOWS it is wrong through grace or otherwise.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated, I ask for your prayers.

Many Thanks,


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