sometimes I fall down, and oh thank you Jesus! you lift me up!

I have a story to tell today, one that I am very sad to tell and am not very proud of myself for. My sister and I have been having difficulty getting along of late, and I must confess of late, it is because I refuse to be abused by her verbally anylonger. This is not what I confess, the fact that I let my pride take hold and turned her words back onto her, that, is what I do confess, for no matter what she has said or done, no one deserves abuse, not even her. And oh Jesus, he really would not like that about what i did to her. I really need to make limits. As a chid she bullied me with words. And as an adult i have cme to see that she expects me to just allow her to keep bullying me. Yet when I say stop, or please stop, you are not helping me. She gets worse. So I lost my cool and reacted as wrongly as I could. I know that Jesus can resolve this and I am asking for your prayers and help here, I am not afraid of appologizing, I just dont want her to think that I will accept her abuse any longer. She said some things that were true, but they are between me and jesus, and she claims to be a christian, yet belittled me for being one? I believe she is very very confused and full of anger. Any help and prayers would be a blessing to me for I do love my sister, and have prayed for her and her family for years. In jesus name I ask and thank you all, love your fumbling sister, Annette

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