Some Bible Translations to avoid

No this is not a pitch for the KJames. It is an example of how some versions or translations are very poor. If I would pitch for any it would be the New American Standard.

The first one to watch out for is Eugene Petersons New Age Bible called the Message. Here is some great information about it.

Then you have the no gender bible

The Living Bible

Some strange information regarding some translators:

J. B. Phillips (1906-1982), translator for the Phillips Translation
PHILLIPS HAD VISITATIONS FROM A DEAD MAN: “A few days after (C. S. Lewis’) death, while I was watching television, (Lewis) ‘appeared’ sitting in a chair within a few feet of me, and spoke a few words which were particularly relevant to the difficult circumstances through which I was passing.” from J. B. Phillips, “Ring of Truth”. Macmillan Company, 1967, pp 118-119.


Dr. Robert Bratcher, chief translator of Today’s English Version (TEV), also published as the Good News Bible
“If we build our faith wholly on the Bible, then we are building our faith on shifting sand. We must follow the facts or there is nothing to believe. We cannot literally follow Jesus, only go in his direction.” (The Greenville News, Greenville, South Carolina, November 8, 1970.)
“Only willful ignorance or intellectual dishonesty can account for the claim that the Bible is inerrant and infallible … To invest the Bible with the qualities of inerrancy and infallibility is to idolatrize it, to transform it into a false god.” (as quoted in Faith for the Family, Greenville: Bob Jones University, Sept. 1981. Note: the Bob Jones publication did not agree with Bratcher’s position.)
“We are not bound by the letter of Scripture, but by the spirit. Even words spoken by Jesus in Aramaic in the thirties of the first century and preserved in writing in Greek, 35 to 50 years later, do not necessarily wield compelling authority over us today.” (The Baptist Courier, Apr. 2, 1981; the Courier is the South Carolina SBC state paper.)

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