sexual abuse

So many woman and men have been sexualley abused.I have met countless woman who claimed they were married to a christian man that raped or beat them.So many woman have contacted me that have either posed in the nude or are involved in porn because they feel their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.Several men told me that their gay and their life means nothing because they were sexualley abused.I am not going to lie to you,I am not going to say I knowwhat your going through but I will say this Jesus Christ sufferd more than any other human has suffered because he didnt just suffer with psysiclly,but emotional,spirtual and mental heart ache hewent through for you and I.Jesus Christ loves you and not one person deserved to be raped or harmed.Several woman said well I didnt clean enough or please himsexualley enough.People Christ died for his bride,woman Christ died foir his bride.So many woman are bing harmed and they think its ok because the guy calls himself a christian.Ladies look how Christ treated the church.Men did Christ ever hurt his bride or the ones he loved?Those in leadership at a church did Christ ever look at a child as a sex object so why would you.Its time we realize yes we have been hurt burt now its time to move forward and fullfill your calling.Be blessed REV TIM

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