Severe Head Wound Healed through Prayer and Fasting

In December, 1974, I fell from the third floor of a building and hit my head. As a result of the head wound, by the time I reached the hospital, I had lost a lot of blood. The doctor took stitches and stopped the bleeding, but after five days I noticed part of my head was soft and I thought it was swollen. The doctor said that a blood vessel had broken and the soft spot was where the blood collected. He said it could be removed with an injection needle without any danger. However, when the doctor removed the blood, it promptly refilled. I thought I was going to die.

I went from one hospital to another but the diagnosis was the same. Nevertheless, I had confidence that I would live. In February I heard of the many miracles and the healing of all nature of diseases at the Full Gospel Prayer Mountain. This was joyful news to me, so I went to the prayer mountain prepared to meet God. There were many who testified that they were healed through the power of God in fasting and prayer, and I immediately” began to seek the Lord.

After fasting for three days, I untied the bandage and looked in the mirror. The wound had disappeared, and the soft place had changed. My entire head was healed. The pain and weariness left, and my head became fresh and clear. This was my first experience of the miraculous healing power of God. Even though I am young, I boldly testify to everyone who will listen of what Christ has done for me. I give thanks and glory to God, my Healer.


-Hong Gi Ye
2 Angeongli San, Pyangsunmyan
Pyongtaiggun, Kyonggi Do, Korea

Fasting and Prayer – Key to Power

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