Seven Steps for Renewal

Dr. Richard Foster, founder of “Renovare”, an international, spiritual, renewal movement and author of Celebration of Discipline, says the twenty-first century will witness one of the greatest harvests of Christian missions ever.

Foster outlines seven steps towards renewal:

1. Let’s become intentionally Godward in our orientation. Not self-oriented, not success-oriented, not church-oriented, not seeker-oriented, but God-oriented.

2. Let’s stop using a marketing approach to church life. The church is not a vendor of religious goods and services but the Community of Faith, living in faith and through faith and by faith alone. We do not need to mimic the entertainment industry of our culture. We win people to Christ not by entertainment but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. We should become intentional about learning the “habits of the heart” for Biblical holiness. We need daily spiritual disciplines rather than sporadic bursts of inspiration or enthusiasm.

4. Let’s quit using the strutting peacock CEO of contemporary culture as a model for Christian leadership.

5. Let’ s make certain that our Godward orientation is always for the sake of the world. The Church exists for the sake of the world, which at the very minimum means less stress on preserving our institutions and more stress on serving the poor.

6. Let’s get rid of our “edifice complex.” Buildings are not bad, but neither are they the sum total of everything important either. Let’s use buildings to help and serve people and not as monuments to our own egos.

7. Let’s engage in vigorous, culture-sensitive evangelism. All peoples need to hear the good news of Jesus and His love.

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Reproduced by permission from Dr. Yonggi Cho’s “Church Growth” magazine.

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