Sense of Purpose

My name is Rochard,


      Growing up … better yet… being born is a involuntary thing for us all. But we make the best use of it. I grew -up wondering why I was brought here. To where I was born to a family not a family; not having a father but a dad; not having a mother but a mom. As kids we all know that children are products of all types of environments and surroundings. Being it a sweet loving setting to the ghettos of every aspect. I knew from at an age that God was shielding me from harms way and from doing so wrong that I will lose myself in this messed up country. I couldn’t get any guidance from my elders or family I should say. Instead I had to get it from Life’s Experiences.

I had spent years lost and confused on who I am and why  I am here. Couldn’t get that answer from the people I was around. One day I was driving to Hattiesburg, MS for a job interview. I just gotten off from working a 12 hour shift that night. I wanted to get away from my family because I was feeling pulled back from reaching my goals I had set for myself. My vision was narrow and I was being very stubborn to my thoughts of pulling over to rest. Being up more than 20 hours can do that to your comprehension of knowing to do the right thing. Driving more than 100 mph on the I-10. I came across the sign stating Hattiesburg is 30 miles away. I heard a voice right after that telling me to put my seat belt back on. My body didn’t hesitate at all. Seconds later I had crashed by falling asleep behind the wheel. 

 I flipped my car 6 times and hit a tree (which saved me from going into a water filled canal). If I hadn’t had my belt on I would have been crushed. From that experience alone got me to think about what God has in-store for me. Because he knew I was at that point dying would have been a better option than living. 

My character has traits of a leader. A person that don’t fear society but only God. I am that type of person who loves to live by his own sets of standards the way I was created. It’s our on individual essence that makes us unique and special. But now in 2010 – I am mad inside and very angry at a country I help protect during 9/11. How I am starting to be wide eyed to these Freemason members ruling our youth with violence and stupidity acts. As well as with the Illuminati. I am starting to see after all these years that has passed for me and experiencing only a fraction on what I will know what waits ahead of me. I am starting to believe God is showing me that I will be a teacher. A teacher of God to open minds, eyes, and hearts.  (To be continue) 

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