Saved, then lost, then saved, then lost again, then saved again, then lost, then saved.

I stated my testimony in a condensed version, but will continue here. As stated before when I was saved in that prison yard in 1975, I got out in 1979 and was still a Christian in word only with a moral compass totally out of kilter. I continued my alcoholism towards a deadly spiral and while I did go back to prison again, but in another state, I was still only calling on Jesus when I was in trouble. Back in 1975 while I was alone in my prison cell, my name was called out…I turned thinking it was the guard but nobody was there. I turned to take a nap (it was around noontime) and heard my name called out again, but more forceful. I got spooked and went out into the prison yard. Off in the distance I spotted one of the Jesus freaks, as they were called. He walked and I walked until we came face to face. We were the only ones out in the yard. He ask me if had accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I said I go to church (lied) and ask me I wanted to accept Jesus as my personal savior. I said, “OK.” He put his hands on my head and ask me to repeat after him. When I uttered the last word in accepting Jesus I was hit with a supernatural force that left me physically shaking from head to toes. I asked him what was that? He smiled and said, “that was the Holy Spirit going through you and you’re now a child of God.” I got out and continued drinking and consorting with ladies of the evening, and porno movies, and having my life spiraling downwards into madness. Nine years ago I was into my 2nd week of detoxing, and mind you, at my age and years of drinking my detox was severe. After pacing back and forth wanting a drink I instead yelled out at the top of my lungs, “Jesus, please help me” and I immediately felt the same beautiful, physical, supernatural force going through me like it did in 1975. Praise Jesus! It only lasted a few seconds, but you never forget God’s spiritual force going through you, never! I’ve struggled with my faith to be sure, and I know the devil would love to get me back where he had me before but it’s not going to happen. That’s why I need to get in touch with other Christians on this website. Please contact me fellow Christians, I need your support and prayers. Today I’m more in touch with Jesus than ever before and I have been instrumental in bringing only 2 people to Jesus, but would like to bring more. You know, even if I was on the last bottom rung in Jesus kingdom (heaven) I would gladly accept that. Thanks . Ptonio

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