Saved from a Violent Background

When I was 20 months old my father killed my mother, she died at age 21 in 1964. My mothers, mom took me and did the best she could being a alcoholic. I was abused a lot as a child. I quit school 9th grade, got a job at a clothing factory,in south NJ. That’s were I met a sweet lady, that for 3 months tried telling me about Jesus. And for 3 months, I put her off, till one day I got to work, and just like other days, she
talked about Jesus, but this time her words HIT me.

And at the age of 18 I came to know Christ as my saviour, that was 24 years ago. most of my family is with the Lord, I know, I told them about Jesus and they took him by faith, and the finished work, of what he did on the cross.

Today I have a prison ministry, mostly death row, and them doing life. I started the ministry after having my little girl that had 8 brain surgeries starting at age 5 months, now shes 7 years old and doing great.

This is just a small part of what God has blessed me through. Thank you Lord!

For most of you that know the story about my father killing my mother, I never told you what happened to my father. When I was a young teenager, 13 or 14, I wanted to do to him what he did to my mother. As I got older, people talked me out of it. I had a lot of questions and most of my family was dead. So I went back to the courts and found some old records that led to newspaper clippings. The papers said he was supposed to get no more than 25 years and no less than 20 years. He was out in about 13.

I had the chance to witness to him (tell him about Jesus) and he didn’t want to hear it. So I just left him some tracts and told him to read them in his spare time. He moved up to Portland, Maine (from NJ) wanting to start his life over. His record dated back to being a juvenile.

One night he was flashing around 1500 dollars to a co-worker who was also a drug addict, and the addict asked my dad if he could borrow some money. My dad said no because he already owed him money as it was. The addict pulls out a knife and cuts my dad’s juggler vein, throws a pillow over his head, then stabs him two times in the heart. This happened just
before that 25 years would have been up. So where man failed God took care of it and saw that justice was done.

james cassidy
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