Holy was thy creation
Eden was the lovely land
Perfectly you placed a man and woman
Innocence was in their heart
You called them your friends
They praise and sang to your name.

Oh! How dreadful was the fall
When they did what was forbidden
What they had done they did realise
But now they had lost their being
Hence one day salvation had to come
To unite them back to the one they belonged

Life from them multiplied
Filling the vastness of land
They all came from you
Yet now sin had blinded their eyes
They forgot your existence
Their eyes could not believe what their heart told

In all this devastation of unity
You swapped the world with flood
Only the one group survived was
The one who had faith in you
You loved them, you cared for them
You called it a new beginning

With the passage of time
It was worse than it was before
Again they were lost in the midst of destiny
You called them closer
Further they went
So far that forgot you in their mind

Yet inside them was emptiness
They couldn’t fill,
They tried to fill it with worldly joys
Still their soul missed the ultimatum
They set rules among them
They designed the idols
They worked against thy Holy will

Oh! How merciful are you
You could not leave them alone
For you knew they are from you
So nothing could stop their soul
Yearning for you, Searching for you

When you sent thy messengers
To bring them near to you
To set good examples through them
That they might not lose themselves
But would know of what is good
And Good is what you are God

Stretching through the curvature of earth
Some of your creations lost your contact
They made their kings, their God
They worshipped the death
Idolizing your messengers as their master
Bowing to them, singing to their praise

How weak was their soul
For they couldn’t believe your true entity
Your words remained, yet your presence left
Their heart was the darkest of the night
Who knows when it will be dawn?
They formed a culture of their own
Made their house far away from yours

On the other side, one of the chosen one
Found favour in your eyes
You called him a father of nation
You called him a father not for his own offspring
But he would be the father of all righteous one
For through him you would find a way
To gather all the remnants of the world
Through his faith one day salvation would come

Blessed are you my Lord,
How great is your grace
Merciful are you my saviour
Worthy is your fame
You are the king of heaven and earth
Still humble and loving
For you are the creator of this world
Praise and glory to thy name

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