Sadhu Sundar Singh on Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam

Sadhu Sundar Singh was not one to belittle followers of other religions but he did make some salient observations on those religions. Here are some:

“With regard to the doctrine of Karma, it is true that man receives the consequences of his deeds; but the difference between the teaching of Christ and Hindu teaching is this — that a Christian performs deeds because he is saved and a Hindu in order to be saved.”

With regard to Transmigration he said, “Hindu teaching is that God’s spirit and man’s spirit are both co-existent from eternity. But since in so many cycles of birth I have been unable to attain moksha, what certainty or assurance have I that I shall be able to attain in the future?
I do not remember anything at all of my previous existence, so what does it profit me if I am now reaping the rewards and punishments of my deed in that existence?
If Transmigration be true we are compelled to believe that sin is the creator of the universe!”

My comments: THERE ARE SOME GREAT POINTS HERE. Has it taken an eternity of reincarnations for us to get where we are today in spirituality? If so, why should we believe that we will ever achieve spiritual perfection through more reincarnations? – MF

He spoke of Hindu yoga. When he was small his father had a Sastri and a Sannyasi in the home, the former to teach the boy the sacred books and the latter yoga practices. “The strange thing is,” said the Sadhu, “that a man according to yoga teaching is not to look to God but at the tip of his nose. Moreover, the thoughts which have been the subject of meditation of the yogi previous to entering the state of trance, present themselves in a very vivid way during trance. So we can understand the discrepancies of teaching amongst yogis. One says, ‘There is no God,’ another, ‘There is only one God,’ another, ‘There are many gods,’ another, ‘All is God.'”

“…it is impossible for those who don’t know God to come to Him except through Christ. He is the only Saviour. It is only Jesus who has revealed the Father. The Gyana Marga of the Hindus is only for a few; but if it is true it ought to be for every body.”


Regarding the Buddha, he said that he respected him for the strength of his intellect and the purity of his life; but in the Sadhu’s opinion he was lacking in humility and for that reason did not attain knowledge of God. Had he truly longed for God, he would have gone to the Sannyasi whom he had first met. For it is only through humility that we can know God.

“A Buddhist said to me, ‘Extinction of desire is salvation’…’No,’ said I, ‘extinction of evil desire — I agree with you there. But it is impossible not to have desire. The desire to kill desire is desire and the desire to kill that desire is also desire. Desire has been given to us that it may be satisfied. There is water given to quench my thirst and I am satisfied through prayer’…I have begun to live in heaven now in Jesus Christ. Through prayer I know Him and it is the duty of those who know Him to bear witness.”


“A Mohammedan preacher went to preach Islam in Scandinavia. There the people asked him what they would have to do in the event of their becoming Moslems. Amongst the five duties prescribed, he mentioned the month’s fast when they would have to fast from sunset but feast during the night. They laughed and told him that Mohammedanism was evidently not meant for that part of the world where at one time of the year there is no night!”

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