For the past twelve years of being a born again Christian, I experienced many storms in life.But the later part was so called difficult. I was always attending a prayer intercession in the church and as much as I remember, when I begin to worship God in my heart I used to see visions. In a vision I saw myself in a mudy pit submerging but I saw God´s hand holding my hand and He never let go. Then sometime before 2009 ended I saw myself walking the green path and at the very far end was the awesome light that I couldnt fathom.But before I could reached that light, my boyfriend was at the middle of the road trying to block my way. I kept for myself those visions that I saw because I love him so much. I didnt know that God used those visions to warn me. I just did what I want to do. We had premarital sex with my boyfriend ending me up to be pregnant and started to live with him. When that happened, I nearly became a backslider. I didnt attended the church and I didnt want to see any of my brethren. But God held my hand and restored my salvation. I believed that my brethren kept on praying for me and my boyfriend thats why one time we just attended the church again up to this day. Its hard to get back eventhough my boyfriend and I were not married but by the grace of God last April 19, 2012 we got married. I believe that God wanted us to be united through marriage and He will use our lives together with our son to serve Him and be His living testimony that God restores the joy of our salvation if we really desire it.To God be the glory!!

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