Respecting the Presence of God

The power and presence of God was on me this morning when I went into chapel. The anointing to preach and to share, like a sharp two-edged sword, and it was tangible. It was welling up inside me like a storm; I knew that God was going to use me in a powerful way. About 20 minutes later, as the preacher was sharing, my phone went off (I forgot to turn it off, and someone had texted me). I thought it was my wife texting me because I had forgotten to send her some information that she needed before church, and so I quietly walked out the door to send the info. As soon as I did so, the Holy Spirit power, presence, and everything that I was experiencing, left; I never got it back. It wasn’t in my forgetting to turn the phone off, nor was it because I received a text message and it made the phone “beep.” It was in my decision to leave the room and send the message to my wife. Sure, there was fellowship the rest of the morning, and I shared a few things. But what I had was gone. The Lord gave me Ephesians 4:30

“…And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed into the day of redemption.”

My Bible was already opened to it. I had just preached this to someone this last week, on how the Holy Spirit is very sensitive, and that His tangible presence will leave if He’s not respected. I had shared with this person that the Holy Spirit can be offended (yes, God gets offended), and I had explained that this was one of the major reasons that there’s no real power in the majority of our churches today. Yes, we have good preaching, fellowship, and even the gifts of the Spirit to some degree in our churches, but not His manifest, tangible presence, and power. It is very, very rare today in the United States. In fact, the things of the Spirit seem to be completely foreign to most believers who have not been in the body of Christ for a minimum of fifteen years. I have not seen a devil manifest and be cast out in a church service since around 1995, nor any other real manifestations of His power. But it is coming back. We need to respect His presence, for He is a Great King (Malachi 1:14).

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