Request for advice and prayers

Please help me. I need a Bible based advice and direction. I am 27 years old, i have been married for almost 6 years. I have always felt like my husband is my souldmate and a gift from God. But we never had the chance to build a true relationship with God thru Jesus Christ and to build relationship with each other. My husband was in full time in school and work. We barely spent time together. So Satan used the opportunity to drive us away from God and from each other. For the last 6 years i have struggled with being faithful to my husband and God. I fell in love with another man i used to work with, for 5 years he wanted me to give in to him. I knew it was work of satan himself- i prayed and begged God to help me, to overcome all of it and to stay stong and faithful. But after 5 years of intence battle i gave in. About 4 months ago my husband found out i had cheated on him, he had also confessed he was addicted to porn. We both forgave each other and agreed to work on our relationship with God and our marriage. BUT ever since all of that happened things are just not the same! I can honestly say that im trying to get closer to God, i pray and read Bible. My husband and i even read Bible and pray together. He said he will take his role to be a Bible based leader in our family. My husband started doing sermons in our church and I teach Sunday School. But things are still very weird between us. I dont think we are moving forward at all, but the opposite direction. My husband doesnt seem to care about me, my being, or my spritiual life, or relationship with God. In fact, i see myself in him. He acts righteous, he will not admit his sins or wrong doings. He is “religious” without truly having Jesus in his heart, and without even working on himself to get Jesus in his heart- Exactly what i used to be while living a filthy life in front of God. My husband rejects me alot, he blows up at me, everytime i try to talk to him about Bible, or when i have questions and try to talk to him, he says i irritate him. Long story short, we are no moving forward on re-establishing our marriage or relationship with our Heavenly Father. Besides all of this, we are in process of adopting two children. My biggest fear is that we wont be spiritually ready for these kids. We both agreed that we want to raise them for God. We want our children to grow up praising Lords name and bringing Him a lot of glory. So, how where do we go from here? What do we need to do to truly get where we want to be? How do we get our God the Father in the center of our life, marriage, and family??

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