I received. a letter from a dear sister in Christ Jesus. What she conveyed to me shocked me. The two of us have been in prayer for another believer and this dear friend had asked others to join us in prayer. Well she received an answer from one new believer! “Why should I, I don’t know them and they aren’t from Here! why should you pray for Them!” Later she sought another believer to see if she would also pray. the answer she received was, “I don’t think I have the Time!” I could not help but see the good American story all over again. Are we not to carry eachothers burdens And to weep with those who have sorrow and rejoice with those whom the lord has given Favor? We are not to tire of doing Good! I have no care where your body is living, or what color the skin, I care for my fellow family of God all over the world!I believe that we are to Love one another, and we are a temple of the Lord! Was not it the Lord that said!”My fathers house is to be a house of Prayer?” I do believe that it may seem so tiny a thing for us to ask, yet one of the strongest weapons against powers of the Enemy! I just can’t imagine how long the first believers in our Lord would have been able to spread the gospel if they didn’t have the Time for Prayer! we were told that freely we were given then freely we should give.For me, the Lord tells. us to pray should that not be enough for us to want to pray for any & Everyone! My hope here is that God will bless those who hear this message and and turn their hearts to do things in faith of our own free Will!Bless

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