Recovery from sickness

I’m lini.I want to share with you how God saved me from the verge of death.I got married on 28th dec 2007.God gave me a very loving husband.I started loving him more than everything – even God.We became very worldly and started to drift away from God.I stopped reading The Bible and stopped praying.Somedays we didnt even have family prayer.We enjoyed our life very much which is beyond description for nearly 9 months.After that I started becoming weak.I started getting fever very frequently.We were in Delhi(India) at this time.My husband got tranferred to a place nearer to our native place.So before shifting, i went to my native place. On the third day after reaching home i started getting high fever.It nearly crossed 104 and i became very weak.Lots of tests were done but it remained undiagnosed for nearly a month and the doctors told it was just viral infection and gave me mild tablets.One night i started vomitting stains of blood.That night i was hospitalised.I continued to be serious but the actual sickness remained undiagnised.My ESR count was 100(normal-25)and my platelet count was below 60000.At that time only i started calling on God.I repented all my sins and made a vow that if God saved me from this i would testify this.I continued to be serious for nearly 5 more days.On the 6th day the diagnosis came.My result came positive for typhoid.After that docters started medication for typhoid.I started getting relief.For nearly 3 weeks i was in the hospital.Thus God miraculously saved me.Again because of this medication doctors advised me not to conceive for atleast 6 months.So after 9 months i conceived and God gave us a beautiful,smart and loving daughter.Praise be to God.

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