Rebirth day :-)

My testimony is about 20 years or more old.. Jesus has always been a part of my life from the beginning.. He has been a spiritual force in my life since I can remember. My first memorable experience with Jesus
is when I was around 13 years old.. the night before I had had one of the most intense dreams about him still to this day does not compare..afterwards I woke this particular morning with this message for a lady in my church circle.. actually she was a pastor in a sister church to mine.. she was holding vacation bible school at her house for all the youth in the community. I told my grandmother that the Lord had given me a message to tell Sis. Gladys Lovett. My grandmother asked me what the message was..i explained to her somehow i knew i could not discuss the message with her until i explained it to Sis.Lovett.. She said she understood.. so to make the long story short..i told Sis Lovett the message and she later told the church that the Lord had spoken to her through a child on sum issues that she was currently dealing with that I would have no way of knowing.

That was the introduction to my Lord and saviour’s voice & instructions.. then 5 years ago i received the Gift of Speaking in which i have learned that the gift of prophecy usually accompanies. I am just thanking God he chose me as a vessel. Pray for me!:-)

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