Hello there,
Can we discuss something about rapture timing?
I’m till now believing and I was of course believing pre-trib.You know what? I found that there is post trib and even mid-trib.I found that Michael is pre-trib.That make me research about it(of course i’m still doing it).What i have found is many are Just defending their opinions (especially post tribs guys).That have hindred me to understand their point in biblical realm.It have been a debate throughout times.But I always hate those type of debate and I don’t want to start one here.I want to Learn what is true from scripture.I know ther are possibility of having post-pre trib guys(as me and Michael).The beatiful thing about christians is that they disagree for sometime then they agree when they find what is true.And I believe this is what is going to happen if we will be honest.I don’t want to convert anybody to pre trib but I want to know what is true.
Can anybody put total time table as the guys at truthnet has done so as someone can know timing for everything that Lord have kept open for us

don’t worry rapture won’t take you to lake of fire

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