Ps Paul – persecuted in India for his Christian faith

Indian Pastor Continues Preaching after Fanatical Hindus Burn His Daughter
Alive and Beat Him – Almost to Death

(Reported by Brother Samuel Thomas. For more information about Br. Thomas’
ministry, see

There is a pastor by the name Paul in a major Indian city (name of
city withheld – editor
).  He is a Baptist preacher and taking
care of his church in that city.  He was preaching around his village
and so many people got converted in to  christinaity.  Fanatical
Hindus who live in that community did not like so many people getting converted. 
One day few RSS men stormed his church while the service was going on and
pulled Pastor Paul out of the church and beat him up.  They told him
not to preach again.  His church people took him to hospital and when
he was released from the hospital he went back to church on the next Sunday
and preached again.

Again Hindu RSS people came and told him not to preach.  But he
preached the same messaage and they beat him up severely and somebody from
the church took him to the hospital.  Even though he was told not
to preach again he went back to the church and preached again.  When
he preached this time, they brought Pastor Paul’s daughter in front of
him and said, if you preach again we will burn your daughter and kill her. 
He preached again the gospel and they poured gasolene on her and set ablaze. 
While fire was consuming her, she told her dad, “Dad, do not stop preaching,
preach, preach the gospel” and she died in front of him.  Again Pastor
Paul started preaching the Word of God.  And this time fanatic Hindus
came and beat Pastor Paul

very badly.  They took a rock and smashed Pastor Paul’s stomach
and they hit hard with the rock through his rectom and his intestine came
out through his stomach wall.  The church people took him to hospital
and they thought he would die.  But he did not die, but he has a colostomy
attached to his stomach because his rectom was destroyed.  Still Pastor
Paul preaching the Gospel with a colostomy.

Source of Information:

Brother Andy Leper who met and talked to Pastor Paul shared this with
us when Brother Andy visited me last month.  For more information
please contact Brother Andy at this E-mail address:

Love and Prayers,

Brother Thomas



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