Proverbs 12 Confessions

I love discipline and instruction, and I love knowledge. I do not hate correction – I appreciate it. If I hated correction I would be like a brute animal. Pr 12.1

I choose to be good – and receive grace from God. I reject wicked devices. These bring the condemnation of the Lord. Pr 12.2

I put down roots in the Lord that cannot be moved. I reject wicked ways, by which I may never be established in righteousness or truth or anything worthwhile. Pr 12.3

My wife will not cause me shame and be as rottenness in my bones. She is a virtuous woman. Pr 12.4

The thoughts of the righteous are right. God has made me righteous in Christ and is making all my thoughts right. I don’t accept the counsels of wicked people or wicked spirits – they are deceit. Pr 12.5

My mouth will deliver me. (Proverbs 12:6)

I am righteous in Christ and my house shall stand. (Proverbs 12:7)

I will be commended according to my wisdom. (v8)

I till my land and will be satisfied with bread. (v11)

I am righteous in Christ and my root yields fruit. (v12)

I am righteous in Christ and will come through trouble. (v13)

The fruit of my mouth will satisfy me with good and the recompense of my hands will be rendered to me. (v14)

I have the wisdom to heed godly counsel. (v15)

I am prudent in Christ and cover shame (v16).

I speak the truth in righteousness (v17).

I am righteous in Christ and my tongue promotes health (v18).

I will have truthful lips and my they shall be established forever. (v19)

I am a counselor of peace and have joy. (v20)

No grave trouble shall overtake me (v21).

I deal truthfully and am a delight to the Lord. (v22)

I am prudent and conceal knowledge. (v23)

I am diligent and my hand will rule (v24).

Good words make me glad. (v25).

I choose my friends carefully (v26).

Diligence is my precious possession. (v27)

I my way is life and no death as I am righteous in Christ (v28).

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