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Prophecy and the Prophetic

I hope to develop material on this theme in the future. God can and does speak in all kinds of ways, but sadly, its very difficult today to discern who among true believers is truly speaking the words of the Lord and who is following what they only imagine God is saying. The Bible is the surest guide. Don't rely on "prophets" or prophetic ministries to try to find out what God wants for your life. They may be used to confirm some things but the only way you'll really know is to seek the Lord much for yourself. Go with the peace of God and the inner witness of the Holy Spirit - not "voices".

On Bible prophecy much could be written. A lot of things have already been fulfilled. The struggle for Jerusalem today seems to be setting the stage for the fulfilment of many Biblical prophecies - see Zechariah 12 and 14, and other Scriptures. Many Biblical prophecies have multiple fulfilments. This may be seen clearly from some of the Bible's own interpretations of prophecy e.g. the interprations of "out of Egypt I called my son".

The many prophecies concerning Jesus written before his arrival have already been fulfilled - pointing to the veracity of the Scriptures as a revelation from God. No other book has it so specific as the Bible. Unfortunately, the unreliability of many modern prophetic ministries who seek to speak about world events is not something that is giving much glory to God. We'd do better to focus on prayer, the Word and evangelism. I mean, how much of these things is our business to know anyway?

Jesus will come back after the gospel goes to all peoples of the world, not before. What the devil seeks to do does not determine when the Lord will return. God is sovereign over all these things.



Some Recent Prophetic Messages for Your Evaluation

I am not operating in the office of a prophet myself but like many others I do believe that America and the world are in deep trouble - we are on the edge of many calamities. Severe judgment on murderous nations such as the United States cannot be postponed forever. If it will serve God's eternal interests to bring trouble on prosperous nations He will do it in righteousness and justice. How long the relative status quo is maintained only God knows.

Evaluate these prophetic messages. Certainly, the exhortation to seek God with prayer and fasting is right. Some of my apostolic friends are in intense intercession day and night for the situation in America.


I read in 1996 a prophetic word that Russia and China would ally and bomb the coasts of America. This would be a judgment on America's sin of abortion. Since that time these countries have drawn closer in their co-operation. America can no longer dictate foreign policy to many nations. As an Australian I love America but I have also seen their a monumental indifference of Christians to the things of God. I am talking about Christians who know the power and intervention of God in people's lives. What will it take to get the eyes of American Christians off their television sets and onto something more eternally productive?



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