Prophetic Message from God-Read and Forward


The Lord is coming soon. People are not ready. The rain is falling and people believe they are dry but they are not. They are in bondage.
Wake up! The Lord will only take those who are ready and willing to go into the fire.
Thanes was not for not. *** I did not even know what this word meant..but it means servants/soldiers/ministers to Kings.
Life is not as it seems. The Blood of Jesus covers you but is not the be all end all.
Action is what is needed. The Love of God is not enough to save you.
Be Bold. Step into the fire. The line of gun fire. You will be persecuted.
But those who are persecuted in my name will be blessed.
Jesus is King.
He will not overlook those who are doing what they are called. He will not leave those of you behind who are willing to walk the walk. 
Jesus is Lord.
Your names are written in the book of life but more must be done.
Your call to action is NOW.
The records are full of pretend believers. Those who say they are Christian but know not the ways of the Lord. And do not what is told.
Be strong and step out. Do not allow fear to rule you.
Gather together and be strong in the power of unity. 
Go out to the people in groups and preach the gospel. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus wants the church to be Holy. Too many dogmas divide. The power is lost in division. Bring the people of the church together.
Look not on those people who have done wrong in the past but think to the future.
Jesus is God.
People are not doing what they can. They are leaning on a false teaching that because they think that Jesus is Lord they will be taken but it is not so.
The Lord calls to himself who he has chosen. And he wants those who have been chosen to do what they have been told. But they are not.
They are afraid. They feel inadequate. They feel powerless. You are powerful says the Lord. Powerful in Jesus. Jesus is all the power you need.
Do not wait any longer. Ban together and do what you know you should. These words are straight from the Lord.
Many people are crying for a different world. A better world. But even my believers are not doing  what is required. 
What is needed is action. Make groups. Stand together in Christ and be missionaries.
You pray for your city yet do nothing in action. Action is needed for change to come. Faith without action is dead. 
Jesus cannot take those who are not following His laws and rules.
Sacrifice. Sacrifice is what is needed to make the future into something better. Sacrifice yourselves, like Jesus sacrificed for you. Don’t ignore this message because your future is on the line.
Ban together. Speak to the people. Go into the dark places. To the bars. Save the people. The blood will cover you. Stand Firm. ACT.
The light that shines in you will overshadow the evil that may come against you or upon you. Your church community will stand behind you. It is a strong group.
There are many among you who are walking with Jesus and the Lord takes notice of you. You can see by the blessings in your lives. 
If you are not experiencing grace and blessings regularly then take notice, for this is a warning to you. A sign that you must do more. More for Jesus.
A man walks empty handed into this world, and empty handed he will leave. Your heart and praise to god is what will be noticed when you leave your body. Your actions, though not all dependent on your future after you leave, WILL matter. So stop waiting. Stop waiting for some time in the future.
The blood has redeemed you and made you a child of God. But the blood cannot make you ACT. Action comes from your free will and it is only through action that greatness can be achieved. Otherwise mediocrity exists. One cannot become an “A” student without studying. So it is in heaven. Action is needed. ACT NOW.
Jesus says he loves his children but they should do more. People are suffering unnecessarily out of ignorance. They have been led astray. And in your country, they never were given the chance at life because they are Godless.
So teach them. Many of them are waiting for an answer. Many DO pray in silence. They are very afraid of what other people think so they speak to nobody about it. Find THOSE people. 
There are many. Their emptiness drives them to pray. They know not who or what they are praying to so show them. Tell them. Tell the miracles you have witnessed. The miracles will entice them.
Jesus is Love.
Don’t sit around waiting, like a person waiting for their loved one to get home. You have to go out and get them. God is not sitting around waiting for you to act anymore. He is speaking to you telling you what to do. He has spoken already through Jesus Christ. But how many of you are really doing what is written?
It is not about guilt. It is about your future. Who knows how many days are left in your life. What will you say you’ve done with it? Will you say, “well, I went to church and I was a good person.” Well I am here to tell you it’s not enough. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus is Light.
The light within a believer can never be squelched. It can never be put out. Unless a person chooses to turn away from him.
There which a believer does is driven by God, when one is sanctified and walking with him. (Holy) So all that is done then is filled with God, if a believer is filled with God. So be now a coward to move forward and speak out against the darkness of this world.
If not you, then who?
If not you, then who?
If not you, then who?
Do not sit idly by any longer. The time is now. Ban together. Be not alone. Walk not alone. Walk together in Christ. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus does not want to see any of his disciples left behind. But that is what is going to happen. Many pretend Christians who put on an act to others will not receive the glory of God.
Because God is not number one in their lives. They have made everything of the flesh more important than Him. Money, sex, cars, all of that is what will be their down fall. None of it will they take with them yet they honor it like God himself. What a tragedy.
The souls of human consciousness are crying. Crying for an answer. And you know the answer. His name is Jesus. So why are you not out there telling everyone? Why are you not out there screaming it to everyone and shouting from the rooftops?
God is sad. He does not want to see so many souls get passed over. Each one has to do their part. Ban together. Make plans. The Lord has spoken.
Father is not going to sit around waiting for you to come home anymore. He has been waiting a long time and he knows more needs to be done. And he is counting on His believers to do what they were told.
When you were a baby, did you ignore when your mother told you something? No. You didn’t. Or you were punished. This is the same with God. Those who are not going to do what they were told are going to be punished. And this punishment is too great to ignore.
This is not to scare you. This is a call to action. To stand up and speak about the Lord you know and believe in. You are not afraid to speak about your opinions in this world, so be not afraid to speak about the Lord Almighty, King of hosts, Lord of Lords.
What do you have to lose? Oh that’s right. Eternal damnation. Not getting taken when Jesus returns. Is this punishment worth ignoring your Father’s command? These are punishments you do not want to know. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus Is not going to take this lightly. Your pastor told you the same message is coming over and over again. What is it going to take to propel you into action? Whose side are you on?
Who are you going to listen to?
Whose side are you really on? Are you going to let fear, a creation of Satan, stop you? Or are you going to receive the glory of God and share his knowledge with others?
Many of you are capable of great things for the Lord. But you sell yourselves short. When it comes down to the wire, you chicken out. This is from the dark side.
Fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, all of this is not God but Satan. Do not be deceived. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus is God.
Lamentations tells of pain. You all have had pain. But what kind of pain would it be to suffer in hell for all of eternity? Is this what you want? Is that what God wants? No. This is why he told you to go to all the ends of the earth and speak about Jesus. 
Ask yourself..
What have I really done to promote the Kingdom of Jesus Christ? What have I personally done? If you were standing before the Lord right this very minute, would you be satisfied that you did all you could to obey and serve God? Or would you be embarrassed? If you would feel uncomfortable being judged before God right now, this minute, today, let this be a lesson to you that you need to do more.
No more waiting for a better time. The time is NOW. The kingdom of Heaven is not going to/cannot wait for you anymore. 
Those of you know you have not done all you can to serve God. How would it feel to stand in front of God and have him look upon your life. Would you feel good about the life you lived? Would you wish you had done more? Your feelings to these questions is your message. Get up and start ACTING.
People need you and they need God. Jesus is the Messiah for all people, not just Christians. All people of other faiths need to know Him too. Stand up! Put on the armour of God and go into the battlefield.
Many of you are strong in Christ and are very capable of doing what I am asking you to do here. Many of you have no excuse. But your minds stop you. What is stopping YOU? What IS stopping you? If you can pray about what is stopping you…find out what is stopping you, then you will be able to go out there with no blocks and be successful to talk to others about Jesus. 
All people need him. Not just Christians. Not just people in pain. All religions. Many people are unsaved in other religions. People whom I have selected to be my children. Be not afraid to speak to them and teach them the ways of the Lord. The Bible is timeless and is an example to all of humans what is the proper way to receive true blessing from the Lord of Hosts.
Jesus was a manifestation of his pure and perfect love for humanity. It is your job to prove that love to others. The Lord has spoken.
Jesus is a delight.
Jesus is a delight in heaven. He wants you to be a delight on the earth. Delight other people with your joy and goodness and gratitude for God. Delight will prompt other people to want to know Jesus themselves. Delight in prayers. Delight and spread it to others. When you speak to people, even if they are not friendly, be delightful. Delight is a way of the Lord. Delight is how to know the Lord. Delight is sharing the purity of Love with another on the level of human connectedness. When you are joyful and happy it is contagious and infectious. This delight spills over onto people you are around even if neither of you know it. Delight is a manifestation of the Lord and Jesus within you. Be delightful to others. Spill over onto them. Infect them with delight. The delight they see in your will entice them to wonder-how can he be so happy? This is when you speak to them about God. When they see you delightful, they are seeing God and they may not even know it, but they want it too.
People think they are happy. Those in the west are especially deluded. They believe they are happy. But without the Delight that God gives, nobody is truly happy. They are deceiving themselves. So give them your delight. Delight yourselves with Jesus so others can also be delighted. The Lord has spoken.
Father in the name of Jesus Christ, fill this congregation with your peace and delight. Help us to delight other people so they will be inspired to know why we are in delight. Delight us so we may delight other people and they may know you.
Father, in the name of Jesus, break and cancel all evil assignments that prevent us from speaking about God to others. Let us be bold and courageous in our walk with you so nobody who you have drawn to you will live one more day without you in their lives.
Jesus, let us be filled with desire to be your servants. Fill us with holiness and make us perfect vessels to do your will and ACT in the world as you have commanded to us. Give us the knowledge and the wisdom of when to speak, and when to be quiet, when to move forward, and when to pull back in our mission to bring souls to Jesus.
Father, let us fulfill your message today Lord and may you shine your grace and wisdom upon us so we may teach and tell others about the true power that lies in the name of Jesus Christ.
Lord remove our shyness and blockages and give us the courage of lions to go into this city and anoint us to break the yokes on the people’s minds and speak the truth that IS Jesus Christ. Amen. The Lord has spoken.
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