Prayers for my healing

Please pray for my healing. I am a suffer with aspergers syndrome disorder. I have flat feet which stick out at 70 degree ankles. I also am suffering from eczema sores which have spread over my body. I have a lot of past hurt coming from bullying and rejection because of my aspergers and I hope to be able to heal forgive and move on. I suffer from anxiety, depression and paranoia because I fear what others think of me and get hurt when they make fun of me, I have an anxiety of going out to different places because of that reason. I hope the Lord will make me well enough so i can go to the next years spring harvest celebration since there is going to be tons and tons of people there or I won’t be able to go. I pray he will free me of fear especially of the devil and make me closer to him. I hope I will make some friends my age that will understand me and not make fun. I pray he will help me be confident enough to stop my true self instead of putting up and barrier I pray he will be able to help me read and understand the bible which i’m struggling with 🙁 I praise that although I been through much suffering I have come so far and am getting better daily thanks to his help. Thankyou for praying for me and God bless you 🙂

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