Prayer request

hi my name is Anna, and i begun today a 1 week fast, and i really need a support, it is really hard for me to fast, however, recently i was able to do 3 day fast, but i binged heavily after it, i regret it. but now i want to avoid those situations, and really get closer to God. I am fasting for 2 things; weight loss and a guy in my class that i really (reallllllllllly) like but i won’t see him again after june. So i hope that i will make it, after 7 days, if i will be able to continue i will, if not, i will brake it slowly and start my exercise program, since I’m a runner and an irish dancer. It would really mean a lot if someone would pray for me, because i really need help with this, and I believe that God will listen to my and your prayers. I really need to lose weight, i was in a depression not long time ago, and im recovering now. and im 15 yrs old and i, somehow, really like him (maybe more than like), as i never did anyone. So please support me in this journey and pray for me, because i dont want to get into the depression again, i also was cutting myself, which i regret the most, i still want to sometimes but i try not to, it’s hard. Im also leaving my best friends soon and probably never seeing them again, i dont want them to remember me like this. depressed, fat, ugly etc. i want to mean something to someone.

thank you for reading this, Anna

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