Hello – this is my very first blog entry anywhere on the web.

At the moment, I have to share something that is very important – bot to me, and to those I care about.

Plans are to have me arrested tomorrow, Monday April 16th, the day after Easter. Finances have not yet arrived to pay water bill, so the town disconnected, and wants to make me an example. I connected to water well on property; they want to charge me with “stealing utilities” because sewage rate cannot be calculated [because they have shut off the water!], and sewage still flows for treatment. They believe i am the worst liar in the world – i have not lied. [Just after disconnect – city pressure went dangerously low because of a problem with their system so a ‘boil water’ notice was sent out. [contaminated water would have hurt seriously one child with severe immunity difficulty]. I have been out of work for a long time, in home 24/7 caring for parent before / after brain surgery [8 years]. I interviewed for job yesterday afternoon [less than 26 hours of learning of the job, and also less than 15 hours after contacting the business owner…he is to make a decision Tuesday]. I have been saved 52 years, and never in trouble. I am just now seeing prayers of 30 years answered. Oh – my God, please help in all in Jesus’ name.

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