Prayer for finance please!

I was laid off from my job in october, I was supposed to be babysitting threw out the winter yet the lady I baby sit for decided to let her mother take the kids instead. So now I need a job or some sort of income. I need to pay my rent, my electric, my internet, my phone, I have to have internet to do my online college classes. Please pray for my finances, with my husband gone and his income, I only know to ask to ask God for help, Jesus for salvation, and the holy spirit to guide me. I have no one else to turn to. Yet even if I did no one else would be greater than these 3 I want to know better and be friends with. I don’t just want answers from them, I want them to be full parts of my life, every day I surrender my self and my life to them. I want them to be my everything, I want to stay focused on them and do their will, I want to help them and be their friend to. I read the bible everyday, I want to hear their voice. I want to do Gods will my in my life. I feel like the one Jesus spoke of is my papa God now. I am seeking a closer friendship with him. I want to believe Jesus is enough no matter what Jesus is enough. Without my husband here, with out family, without friends, without anything, I want to believe and have faith, Jesus will be and always is enough for me. Please pray for me all who read this please. I believe God hears us when we pray. I want to believe he answers us in Jesus name more than I ever have in the past. I want to believe more than anything Jesus is enough for me. Be Blessed all of you and thanks. The greatest thing anyone can do for anyone is to bow their head in prayer. It’s the kindest most loving thing you could ever do for me. I hope you all will be shown Gods love and mercy for your prayers and just for taking the time to read this and listen thank you and thank Jesus.

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