Power of Prayer

It was 6 years ago,my oldest son and his wife of 10 years seperated,with 2 kids 1 was 2,the other was 6. His wife left taking the kids. This is what the party life with lead to. My grandchildren both have C.F. Well after this came many problems for my son,also wars with me. My grand kids found themselves with a party hardy mother and the same with their dad. After 2 years of being moved around from place to place with their mother,she all but gave them up,so my son finally took them,but they stayed with me much of the time. there still was a lot of tention between my son and I ,to the point we got along better if we stayed away from each other. Many trials in my life over the next 4 years because of this,but many crys to God to fix this mess also. Trouble seemed to have my address over these children and sometimes it seems to be no hope. Finally after much prayer,asking God to deliver impossible things,yet knowing nothing is impossible with God and prayer. I pressed God and held out the palm of my hand,and said,deliver to me in my hand 3 things,first to place my grandchildren in the palm of my hand,2nd deliver my son from certain trouble he was facing,3rd bring my prodical son back in my world, these things were great mountains. I can say ,few weeks,later,I had my hands on my grandkids,and no one will pluck them from me again.within that same year all trouble for my son was gone, now within 2 years,My son is my son again,he just got married again,and going to church and reading his bible and my life is blessed. My son was dead but he is alive again!! praise GOD!!!!!!

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