Post Tribulation Preparation

I would like to start a discussion on how we, as christians, may prepare for the tribulation.

For discussion sake, let’s all assume the pre-trib rapture theology is wrong and that we will go thru the tribulation until Jesus returns at Armageddon.

How will we prepare for this coming event?

What should we do or what can we do?

What will life be like here in the U.S. or elsewhere during this time?

Should we all head for the hills?

Pay off all our bills and home, if possible?

Pack freeze dried food along with a portable water distiller?

Trade all our money in for gold?

Live in a commune? or leave our country?

If we don’t take the mark how will we survive? Work, eat, assemble with other believers?

How will going thru the tribulation change our prayer and fasting life?

How will the tribulation effect our relationship and fellowship with God?

How will we remain “in the faith” and stay “strong in the faith” during this critical period in time?

Is it possible that you would give in? Quit? Take the mark?

If I take the mark can I later repent?

Do you have the guts to be beheaded for Christ?

Will you die for Him?

Watch your family die for Him?

How far are you willing to go?

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