Please Pray With Me

I have fell in love with a married man..
He and his wife have been married for 13 years and 11 of those years she hasn’t had any contact or any real communication with him…(infidelity ) She has mistreated him,lied… And list goes on… I did live with them for almost 2 years… He and I have gotten very close to each other… He has asked me to marry him and that would be an honor… But we have not been in contact that much in the past few days… We are soul mates and Even though he and i are not married and as one it feels as if we are… I need Prayers that we can find happiness together and that he hasn’t given up on us… She keeps him so confused and upset he can’t see who really cares and who doesn’t… I pray about this on a daily basis… I hope it isn’t unfair,or unjust for me to ask such a prayer request in the name of Jesus Christ
Thank You and God Bless

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