Performed classical laying of hands

The account I’m setting down here happened four days ago in a VA hospital, with a friend of of mine next to me and a man about to die. I experienced an urging in my gut to go to see this man who was dying form cancer of his liver. I know now it was the spirit of Jesus urging me to go see him, which in afterthought, was indeed the man’s last day living. This man (Roland) was not Christian, but had a weak faith in him. He was barely able to speak, such as his disease had robbed him of everything. I asked him if he was ready to accept Jesus as his personal savior and he nodded yes. I placed my hands on his forehead and asked him to repeat my words which stated: “I know Jesus died for me and brought back to life on the third day and I now accept him as my personal Lord and savior.” He did as I instructed and I left feeling that I had just saved (with the help of Jesus) a man from eternal damnation. Roland died the very next day. That makes the 4th person I have brought to Jesus and I know there will be more in the future. I have had a really nice warm feeling inside me since then and I now believe everyone who does what I did will in fact experience the same feelings as I did. Thank you Jesus!!!!

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