Hello everyone. I ask that you please be so kind and pray for my church which burned down 3months ago. The name to our temple is: “OPEN DOOR MISSIONARY”.We were located on Washington ave in The Bronx, NY. I know that the Lord has a beautiful temple for us, so I ask that you please pray for our faith. That iT may not fade way and that it may grow each day. IT’s amazing what the Lord does,because even through this thunderstorm I feel that our church is getting stronger. Please pray that we appreciate the beautiful temple that the Lord has in store for us. The Lord does myterious things and we believe in his promises. Please pray for my church and for my Pastor which is my uncle. WE WILL HOPE FOR WHAT WE CAN NOT SEE AND ONE DAY WE WILL HAVE THAT AND MUCH MORE! AMEN! GLORY BE TO THE PRECIOUS , HONORABLE LORD!! Thank you all and God bless you.

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