Our Gracious & Compassionate God, slow to anger, have mercy!!

My Dear People of God, I would like to share my burden of praying for my people in village, mostly christian populated.From past few months, a herd of Elephants have created a havoc in my village. They move from village to village destroying our farms and even killing people. Very little is being done by the government to drive these giant animals. My people are in desperate condition & need your prayers.
I would also like to share few more things :-
Some days back one of my dear friend in Christ decided to conduct a retreat for these people (with her own finance). She invited a Pastor & few Men & Women of God to share God’s Word.As i could not join her, i decided to give my full support by fasting & prayer.One night i had a dream, in which a big screen appeared & I saw many faces turning one by one who had turned away from God. I was shocked to see so many people are turning away from God. I heard a divine voice “All my people are turning away”.Before i could say something, the dream vanished.
I had another dream about my village people. I was standing with a group of people in which i remember was a priest wearing white robe. We saw people of the Enemy carrying something very heavy approaching us. We all fled in fear.I took shelter in a room with a broken door. As i was hiding there, a man of Enemy passed a cubicle shaped rotten piece of meat (thank God i could’nt smell it) through the broken door, i can only say it was very disgusting.The man said to me “Take it, nothing will happen”. I got up, did’nt want to touch it with my hands, so i kicked it with my full strength and said “Take it back, i don’t want it”. The man left.The dream vanished.
I asked my friend how is the retreat going on (without telling her my dream) ? She said very few people have come to attend. The parish priest had gone from house to house warning people not to attend.
Before my marriage, i had been to my village.I was a zealous girl in the Lord, so hurried to the church, when i reached there, 3-4 people had come.The house of the Lord was not cleaned & was covered with cobwebs.Somebody at the last minute cleaned it, so we can sit on the floor.
My people need fresh revival..Please intercede with me that the devil’s strongholds may be broken & God may once again gather them as His People.

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