One Bible Verse Changed My Life

I didn’t join the Mormon Church, I was born into it. It was the only religion I had ever known… I thankfully found out, later in life, that Jesus can free you from the bondage and stranglehold of the LDS religion. If He can speak everything into existence, He can change hearts and lives with the greatest of ease! I met my wife when I was 25 years old… When we began dating she found out I was a Mormon and while I didn’t know anything about her religious background I did learn she loved Jesus. Being LDS of course I knew she was a lost and misinformed apostate Christian, but one day soon I would “win” her over to the only true church… One day she asked me THE question,
“Are you a Mormon, I mean is that the religion you are going to practice the rest of your life?”
I shrugged it off and said, “No, not really. I am just taking my grandma there because she can’t drive”. (Deep down inside I felt that I would eventually “get my act together” and do all the things “good” Mormons are supposed to do and continue on in the Church.)
To which she replied, “Okay… cause if you are going to practice Mormonism, we may as well end this relationship right now”.
Stunned, I replied “What?! Why would you say that?!”
She answered, “I am looking to get married someday and I don’t want to waste my time dating you if you are going to practice Mormonism, because I will not be unequally yoked with a non-believer”.
I said, “What do you mean”?!? (Nobody had ever said that to me before. I was taught that being unequally yoked meant a white member marrying an African-American… well before 1978, of course).
She said, “Everything you guys believe is so foreign to what I know of the Bible and the way I was raised. You believe things about Jesus and God that are not in the Bible… Why don’t you come to Church with me this Sunday?”
I agreed and we went to the Christian church there in our town (Calvary Chapel – Fallbrook). (Just so everyone reading this knows, it wasn’t some “fire and brimstone” sermon that “scratched my itching ears”. The Pastor at the church is more like a teacher and he just presented the scripture very clear and concise) The sermon message that morning was on those wonderful verses found in Ephesians chapter 2, verses 8 and 9.
“For by grace we are saved through faith; and that not of ourselves: it is the gift of God. Not of works, lest any man should boast.”
It is hard to describe the liberating feeling I had upon hearing that verse, like a yoke had been lifted off my shoulders. This wasn’t taught to me growing up in the Mormon religion. They’re all about working their way to the highest level of heaven (the Celestial Kingdom). I had also been taught that Jesus’ sacrifice covered Adam’s sin in the garden, but I had to “atone” for my own sins through good works and by going on a mission, getting married in the temple, and paying my tithing.
Upon hearing that message from Ephesians it was like the Holy Spirit reached into my chest and gave my heart “a little squeeze” as to soften my hardened heart. I had to investigate this “Biblical Christianity” thing right then and there. I got every book I could by Walter Martin, Dave Hunt, Ron Carlson, etc. I checked out the “Pagan Invasion” series of VHS tapes from the Calvary Chapel’s library. I watched films about Mormonism which had interviews with Ed Decker and clips from the “GodMakers” movies. I had never really heard from anyone that used to be a Mormon, all the people I had ever known were either Mormons or non-Mormons. To see and hear Ed Decker describe his liberation from the church and to hear him talk about the “pagan” and Masonic origins, really opened my eyes and my heart. It made me think that it was possible to leave the church. If Ed, being deeply steeped into the religion could do it, it was possible for anyone to leave. I dug and researched to learn about what “my religion” was really teaching. I didn’t know any better, I was born into it.
It took a lot of research, digging, struggling, confliction, and fear to find out everything I had been raised to believe was a lie. I gave my heart to Jesus and told the Mormon Church that I wanted my name removed from their records. I told them that there is only one Book I want my name in and that is the “Lamb’s Book of Life”. The Bishop told me, “once a Mormon, always a Mormon” like that is how we were identified as Mormons, not Christians. The Bishop also said he was sending over the first counselor and a pair of missionaries to “talk me down”. I told the Bishop of my Ward that, “I am going to follow Jesus, not Joseph!” It was only by the Grace of God that I was able to let go of all my “Mormon allegiances” and give my heart to the One True God.
“See now that I Myself am He! There is no god besides Me”. (Deuteronomy 32:39)
I thank the Lord all the time for putting such a wonderful woman in my life. If it wasn’t for my wife, I don’t know where I would be today, or where I would be spending eternity. She is the love of my life and I cherish her dearly.
There is Hope and Freedom in a relationship with Jesus… He is our Rock and our Salvation. He built His church on that fact, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it!!!

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