Oil Spill Disaster – a Judgement from God?

From my safe perch in Brisbane, Australia I have been following the developments on the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Its very sad to see what is happening. It would appear that BP is a company which has a track record of cutting corners in order to maximise short term profit, and this seems to be what has happened in this case. As a result, the Gulf of Mexico has been all but destroyed by vast plumes of crude oil, methane gas, hydrogen sulphide and other toxic chemicals bubbling to the surface.

This is likely to have a massive effect on the situation in the United States.

It is not just that many fish are dying, that the ecosystem is being destroyed by all of this. It is not just that tourism in the area will die, or the fishing industry there will shut down perhaps for decades. It is not only that beautiful dolphins and other majestic sea creatures are dying on the beaches. This event portends the beginning of terrifying judgements on America and may extend in its consequences to the nations of the world.

Fish and animals are now dying. People will be next. There are reports out there that people are getting sick just breathing the air near the coast, because of the toxic chemicals there. If it is true that vast amounts of toxic methane gas are getting ready to explode to the surface, as some report, then the damage that is coming will be almost impossible to calculate. But even if this does not happen, it is very possible that the level of toxicity in the atmosphere will become so great that vast portions of the gulf coast, and later the east coast of America, may become uninhabitable. If this happens, then people will be FORCED to evacuate. But where do you resettle 20 million homeless people?

Special camps have been prepared over the years by the American authorities like FEMA, to hold vast numbers of people. It may be that under a forced evacuation scenario, people will be forcefully relocated into these camps. I am not sure that the authorities will allow people to just leave these camps as they please. No doubt there will be many who will desperately leave the coast area without any resources – many will turn to crime and lawlessness in order to survive. They will go into other States where the State Governments are already broke and can hardly afford to pay their own overstretched police forces.

For decades America has been sowing LAWLESSNESS into the airwaves. For decades Hollywood has been glorifying everything the Bible condemns. The visible church of God in America has by-and-large become a club of unconsecrated pleasure seekers whose core passion is to make money and gain influence. It by and large lacks the saltiness to stop the rot in America. As a result, what has been sown in abundance will also be reaped – violence, terror, murder of innocents, theft, robbery, the destruction of the family, deception and hardness of heart. The consensus will be that the people of America cannot be trusted with freedom – and liberty will be taken away by the authorities in the name of National Security.

America has become the seat of Babylon and its destruction is promised in the Last Days. You can love America all you like, but ultimately you will not be able to hold back the destruction that is coming. You can lay down your life trying to help others there, you can flee, or you can simply perish with the masses. I don’t see any other choices.




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