Obama Re-election Prophecy – True or False

Indeed my gut feeling is that America will re-elect Barack Hussein Obama. But what of the rest of this prophecy?

We don't have to wait very long to see if this is a true prophecy. If it is, then it will be pretty much the end of the world as we know it. It would then be questionable as to whether the internet will remain free – or whether it will be locked down in the name of social control and National Security. If this happens, who knows if sites like this one will be allowed to continue?

Now, on the other hand, this prophecy MAY be false. All these dreams and visions about FIRE and disaster coming at the end of 2012 might be from Satan, or from the flesh. And then, if this is the case, what are we going to say about it?

If this happens, could we face up to the thought that many of the people who profess to walk with God closely and hear His voice are actually DECEIVED?

What do others think? I invite your views. 

If there are sources of true and reliable prophecy that go beyond the information clearly presented in the Scriptures, if there are human vessels through whom the Holy Spirit is giving us warnings and encouragements with information pertaining specifically to the time we live in, then we should want to know that.

On the other hand, if such professed sources show themselves to be unreliable, we need to really evaluate how this situation came about and how we can establish proper accountability in this area of prophetic warnings and so on. Because repeatedly getting it wrong DAMAGES our TESTIMONY. And that matters, because it establishes us as deluded people whose utterances CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

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