Obama Nation of Desolation!

Well here we go, what I am about to speak on is going to probably going to offend and upset a lot of people, but I have to speak about what God lays on my heart and we have been taught as Christians for far too long to be politically correct, and I believe because the church has kept its mouth shut far too long, that this nation has had a heavy millstone tied around it and is about to be cast straight to hell. My brother in law was talking to me several months before the presidential elections and he made a statement to me that has stuck with me, and the more I thought about it; the more prophetic I think he was. What he said jokingly, has turned out to be far more serious than we could have ever known. My brother in law told me the “Obama nation of desolation is coming“. We laughed about it briefly but we both felt in our spirits that something very evil was just behind the horizon.

What I am going to speak about here shortly is how to avoid the harlot but before I go there I want to let you know about the new agenda this new government leadership is trying to usher into this nation. I have a close doctor friend of mine that informed me about some new legislation on the books that if it passes is going to make all private institutions that practice medicine like Presbyterian hospitals, and Methodist hospitals have to perform abortions. They no longer will have the choice. If they do not perform these abortions they can be shut down by the government. Another thing this doctor pointed out to me is that all OBGYN doctors, regardless of their spiritual beliefs who practice in this country, will be required to perform abortions if they want to continue to practice medicine in this nation. There is also new legislation being promoted that will make the practice of circumcision of your baby boys after birth against the law claiming it as cruel and in humane. Now let me ask you this dear brothers and sisters. If you where a plasticizing OBGYN in this country and you are forced to make the decision to perform abortions to earn a paycheck even though you felt in your heart it was murder what on earth would you do. The bible is very clear that murderers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Did you also no that this wicked leadership in this nation is now trying to promote and pass legislation that will eliminate our 1st amendment rights. That will make it against the law to go to church and worship God the way we want or choose. I wish I was making this up. It is time for those that have been chosen to stand up and sound the alarm. Woe to those who try to be politically correct in the days ahead because can I tell you dear brothers and sisters that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God, and when you will not take a stand and expose the sin and corruption in peoples lives it says you are a friend of the world. I don’t know about you, but being a enemy of God today and in the near future with what is about to come against the world and this nation is nothing I want any part of.

Now to what I want to speak on. How to avoid the harlot. Did you know that the harlot in the bible is a counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. I have been doing a lot of thinking and studying about how this harlot counterfeits God. As a matter of fact, everything that God has created, Satan has counterfeited. I was thinking about this back in Genesis. I have never seen this before but I felt God was telling me how Satan was talking to Adam and Eve in the garden. I felt like God was telling me that Satan was trying to speak to Adam and Eve almost like the Holy Spirit. He was saying God is this, and God means this, and this is what it means. Do you see what I am saying? Satan was trying to sound just like the Holy Spirit and that is how he was able to deceive Adam and Eve. I never saw that before. Satan said well what did God say? He did not mean that He meant this. He won’t kill you if you do it like this this is how you will be just like God. In other words the deception was this must really be God. He is telling us what God is really saying. Because what does the Holy Spirit do? He teaches you all things. He’s the teacher and so that serpent comes in and says no, this is what He’s saying, this is what He is doing. So this is the deception that is still going on today which is that counterfeit spirit tries to tell you this is what that really means. Do you ever read the Bible and go that can’t mean that? Have you ever read the bible? You say did God say that. Have you ever said that while reading the bible? Is that not what Satan was saying in garden, Did God say? Have you ever read the bible and thought did God say? Oh surely he did not mean that. Surely God is not going to do that. That spirit just talking to you saying he did not mean that, He means this. Do you get the picture? I am telling you brothers and sisters because I have seen this ministering to people day in and day out that this is how it works, and you have to be very discerning.

Again how to avoid this harlot spirit is what I want to teach on. I am going to teach you some things about this spirit and what we got to do to avoid it and not to be enticed by it in these days. Okay let’s go to Proverbs 6:20; My son observe the commandment of your father. Where does the commandment come from? The father, and do not forsake the teaching of your mother. It did not say the father was the teacher; it said the other was the teacher. I don’t know about your family, but I know with most of the families I talk to that the mother does most of the teaching and instructing because the father is away working. The mother is supposed to hear the commandment of the father. God the Father gives the commandments, and the commandment is Jesus because Jesus is the word; well who is the teacher? If the father gives the command and Jesus is the command, who teaches the command? It’s the Holy Spirit. I find it very interesting that it calls the Spirit of wisdom her. When it talks about the Holy Spirit it says say to wisdom you are my sister and understanding your intimate friend. So why is it called her; it is because the mother is the teacher. The mother is the teacher, and she teaches what the father says. Now back to proverbs it says do not forsake the teaching of your mother, now this is a good lesson for parents to learn; the father gives the commandment and the mother carries it out and teaches it to the children. This is how the Holy Spirit works. The God Head works as a team. Isn’t that amazing that the God Head works together as a team. The Father sets the command; Jesus is he embodiment of the word, and the Spirit of God imparts that wisdom to us to reveal Jesus and to reveal the word. The harlot, she’s the wrong mother, she is the wrong momma. The mother is the teacher and we need to guard our hearts very carefully to se that the harlot is not trying to speak to you as it is imitating the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit reveals all that Jesus says which is the word from the Father. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit comes It will reveal all that I have spoken to you. The Holy Spirit is revealing the word from the father. The harlot spirit reveals all that Satan says. It works just like God. The Holy Spirit teaches all of Jesus word and the harlot spirit teaches all of Satan’s word.

Turn in your bible to John 8:39, they answered him and said to Him; Abraham is our father, and Jesus said to them if you are Abraham’s children then do the deeds of Abraham. In other words you are always going to do the deeds of your daddy. Whoever your daddy is; is how you are going to act, like father like son, like mother like daughter. Do you see what I am saying. The apple does not fall very far from the tree. Jesus was saying if you are Abraham’s children then do what he did, but as it is you are seeking to try and kill me. Now these people are trying to kill Jesus. Now these are people that if you study earlier in John chapter 8, believed in him. They believed in Him but now they want to kill him. You know how many believers today when they hear what he says. Oh that can’t be God; lets kill Him. The first message Jesus preached they wanted to kill Him. Didn’t they? Where they Abraham’s children? You see they where harlots. You are seeking to kill me, a man who has told you the truth. Isn’t that amazing when you start telling people the truth they want to kill you. When Jesus preached His first sermon He told them the truth and they wanted to kill Him. When the Spirit of Truth comes people want to kill Him. When the Spirit of Truth comes through a pastor, prophet, evangelist, teacher, apostle they want to kill you. If they re being led by a harlot spirit they are going to want to kill you. It’s because the harlot spirit wants to shut the mouth of the prophet. That is the purpose of the harlot spirit working to shut the mouth of the prophet so you won’t talk. Have you ever heard that thing speak to you; don’t say that they might ridicule you; they might make fun of you; have you ever heard that spirit talking. Guess what you heard? The harlot trying to make you shut your mouth. It will do everything it knows to shut the mouth of the prophet and then if you recognize it and speak it anyway then it will try to incite the religious crowd to try and hurt you. Where do you see prophets operating today. That harlot spirit has done a number on us today. It has all but shut the mouth of the true prophets of God today. Jezebel tried to kill all of the prophets back in the day of Elijah. She had that spirit of harlotry working through her. Can I tell you dear brothers and sisters that day is right around the corner for us in America. The government is about to try and shut the mouth of the prophets in this country. Now back to John 8: Jesus was saying you are seeking to kill me, a man that has told you the truth, that I heard from God, this Abraham did not do; you are doing the deeds of your father. Look out! They said to Him; we are not born of fornication we have one father God; they where saying God’s our daddy, we are not born of fornication like you. You know they thought Jesus was illegitimate did you know that? Can you believe here is the Son of God trying to save these people and they where all thinking He was a illegitimate child because of the way He was born. Can you imagine the stigma attached to Him throughout His life? Here He was trying to preach and teach and they where attacking Him saying we are not born of fornication like you Jesus. Is that not amazing to you? Jesus said if God where your father you would love me. Hey that reminds me. For all of you reading this right now; I just want to say if God’s your father you have to love me. I am sorry I could not resist. We are supposed to love the people of God and it says if you hate your brother you are a murderer and the truth is not in you. You see that harlot spirit wants to kill you and everyone else around you. Jesus said you would love me for I have proceeded forth and have come from God if I have not come even in my own initiative but He sent me; why do you not understand? Remember in proverbs where it talks about the Spirit of Understanding. They did not have the Spirit of Understanding. Why do you not understand what I am saying? Its because you can’t hear my word. You know why people can’t understand what is going on today around us today; it is because they can not hear God. They have been listening to a different spirit talking to them. Jesus said you are of your father the devil. Now these are the people that had believed on Him earlier in John chapter 8 earlier. Isn’t that amazing, Jesus says you are of you father the devil; you want to do the desires of your father; he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie; he speaks from his own nature for he is a liar and the father of lies. So Satan is the father of lies. God is the Father of truth. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. The harlot spirit is the spirit of lying that will lie and deceive you. Liars are usually very good at what they do. That’s why con artist are really good, because they know how to con you. Because con artist are so good and so smooth , they will con you out of everything you got. So Satan is the father of lies so because he was their father Jesus was telling them they could not hear the truth. Is that not amazing, it is easier to believe a lie many times over the truth. I am telling you brothers and sisters it is much easier to believe a lie than the truth. It is usually much easier to believe a lie than to believe what God is saying, because that is what Jesus was saying here in John. Because I speak the truth you do not believe me. So we are so used to being deceived by lies and perversions that when the truth comes; it is so hard to hear it. Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I speak the truth why do you not believe me. If I am speaking the truth then why do you not believe me. Why is it so hard to believe the truth. When you hear truth and you have been taught one way for so long when you hear the truth it’s hard to se it. It is so hard for someone to hear that I got a demon. You mean sweet little me; I have got a devil? It is hard to believe that, because why? Because we have been taught different. I am going to hit on one more thing while I am right here that is going to make a lot of people angry. The pulpits of America and the leadership of this country are full of con artist. The preachers have taught a broad path salvation message where even homosexual Episcopal pastors that pray over the inaugural address for this president are going to heaven and everybody is going to get into those pearly gates, and the sad reality is a majority of the members attending churches all across America are going to split hell wide open. They are con artist preaching from the pulpits that sound so good. Okay back to Jesus in John 8; he that is of God hears the words of God; Now I don’t know how else to put that to you, whether in the Greek or the Hebrew. You better listen to me real good on this. If you are not hearing God speak to you in your heart then you better check your salvation. That does not mean for you to run to church on Sunday, and hear what God says to another man who may not even be hearing from the right spirit, but you better learn to hear God for yourself. You have got to have the Spirit of God translating and interpreting the word of God for you so you will know and hear the word of God. Look at that! He that is of God hears the words of God.

This is the place I have finally gotten to in ministry and teaching and everything. If people don’t hear; there is something wrong. There is something wrong. Either God’s true, or He is not. Let’s make God true and every man a liar. That’s what the bible says. Now either the word of God is true or it’s not, and if it’s not we might as well just pack this thing up and go play football, go hunting, play golf. We might as well just forget this thing right here if it’s not the truth. We are just playing games if we don’t believe what God is saying. I am just saying this to you, If you are of God then you are going to hear the word of God. It does not mean that you are not questioning things or you are not trying to understand or overcome some things. When the Spirit of God speaks brother, if you got the Spirit of God then you are going to hear God.

For this reason you don’t hear because you are not of God. Whoa! Now this is the thing about Jesus; He did not try to bring these people along. You know I think a lot of pastors, preachers, and teachers want to try and bring the people along. Lets just bring them along and bring them along and pretty soon God comes back and His bride is not ready, because they have been bringing them along. Jesus never tried to bring people along. Did Jesus not just hit the issues right in the mouth. That’s how Jesus did it! Well I think we should do it just like Jesus did. So Jesus just hit them with it and said because you are not of God you don’t hear God. He did not say I realize that you are coming to a place and you might have to make some really tough decisions that might go against some of the things you have been taught, but if you will just keep an open mind and hang in there I think you are going to come around. No Jesus said you are not of God you are of the devil. That would get you in a lot of trouble today. I am so sick of being politically correct and spiritually correct, and I am so tired of people not being able to say what they think. I am going to tell you what I think! There is a Obama nation that has come and it makes God sick. The Obama nation of desolation is right around the corner. You know I am not very politically correct, spiritually correct, or correct about much, but I know God’s word. I know what it is saying, and it time not to be afraid and stand up and say what you think because the world is not afraid to say what it thinks. Our government and politicians are not afraid to speak out. The harlot says what it thinks, but we can’t say what we think. I am sick and tired of that guys if you really want to know the truth and it is time for the people of God to adjust and stand up for what God is saying. That does not mean you are always right when you say what you think, but you ought to be able to say what you think. The last time I checked this was a free country, but you can’t preach the truth.

You know I was hearing the other day where the government is about to take away this person’s 501C3. As a matter of fact I got a email the other day from a prophet that had to send it in his name because if he sent it in the name of the church they would take his 501C3 away from him. You know what I say. Let them take it away. I mean give me a break prophet. How many prophets of God in the old testament would say well. We are going to say this in our name but we are not going to say this in the name of the church we represent because the king is going to come and take away my tax exempt status away. So I am not going to be spiritually correct or politically correct here because I don’t like that guys. My goodness, I pray that God will allow them to take away our 501C3 then we will find out who the real people of God are.

Anyway back to John where we have Jesus preaching he that is of God hears the words of God for this reason you don’t hear because you are not of God. And the Jews said do we not rightly say that you are a Samaritan and you’ve got a demon. My goodness! Jesus is saying something they don’t like and they are saying you have got a devil. Telling that to Jesus Christ, would you not be shaking in your boots if you ever said that to God. Get a picture of this; it’s the Son of God, Jesus, standing in front of the Jewish people that is supposed to be the people of God, and they can’t recognize Him. They think He is the devil. They think the devil is talking to them. He is speaking the truth and they say He is the devil. Now think about that. The spirit of confusion and the spirit of harlotry is pulling a number on them. You will see this later on when we get into the spirit of the harlot that it is the spirit of confusion. The spirit of confusion, it operates in homosexuality and lesbianism. Okay I just thought I would throw that in since I have dealt with this in ministry time and time again. I just thought I would throw that in. Jesus said I don’t have a demon but I honor my Father ad you dishonor Me. I mean when you take the harlot spirit and say that it is the Spirit of God then you have just dishonored God and Jesus. I wonder how much today that we dishonor Jesus. I don’t seek my own glory, there is one who seeks and judges. Surely I say to you if anyone keeps my word he will never see death. You want to keep from dying; then keep the word of God. You just move on into another place. That day may come for us; I don’t know. The Jews said to Him, now we know you’ve got a demon. We thought you did, but now after hearing this we know you’ve got a demon. Is that not amazing. They went from believing He had a demon to knowing He had a demon. They went in three verses from thinking He had a demon to knowing He had a demon. That is so sad and funny to me. We know you’ve got a demon because Abraham died and prophets also and you say that if anyone keeps my word he will never taste of death. They had no clue what He was talking about because He is talking about spiritual truth that they have no clue about and they can’t handle the truth. They look at things physically and look at things from the wrong spirit. Man and these where God’s preachers and teachers of Jesus day, and he told us that in the last days it was going to be even worse than that. That there would be many false prophets in the last days, but we can’t get the true prophets of God to stand up today and say enough with your teaching of spiritual harlotry. We are in trouble brothers and sisters. Let’s go back to proverbs 6 its talking about the word here. Bind them continually on your heart.

Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. You bind it to your heart in agreement. When you get in agreement with something you get bound to it. Did you know that? How do you make covenant? You get in agreement. How do you get married? You get in agreement. How do you join yourself to a harlot? You get in agreement. How do you get the word bound to your heart? You get in agreement. Tie it around your neck. The word of God becomes a yoke that guides you. Remember when Jesus said take my yoke. When you tie the word around your neck then the word of God yanks you where you are supposed to go. Why do you put a yoke on a Ox. It is so you can take them where they don’t want to go. But if you tie the word of God around your neck then God says come over here then boom you are going to go because it is around your neck. Jesus says take my yoke; there it is right there in proverbs. Man don’t you love the word of God? Does it not just give you life? It is supposed to do that for you. Look at the next verse. When you walk about they will guide you. The words going to guide you. When you sleep they will watch over you. You want to get rid of bad dreams. You want to get rid of nightmares and stuff coming in the night. If you get the word of God it says that it will stand up and watch over you while you are sleeping. When you wake up they will talk to you. Have you ever woke up and the word of God is just talking to you? Have you ever woke up and you have this word just going and going and going. You don’t remember if you just dreamed it or if it is just talking or what, when you wake up it just starts talking to you. The word keeps the enemy from coming in the night while you are asleep. The word watches out against evil dreams and demons. This is how you get to hear God and this is how He becomes your Daddy. Verse 23; For the commandment is a lamp and the teaching is light and reproof for discipline is the way of life. You want the way of life and straight is the way. You know what the way of life is reproof for discipline. In other words getting yourself spanked; that’s the way of life. You say well I don’t like that way then you are going to go the way of hell and death. Reproof for discipline is the way of life. God has to reprove you and discipline you to get you on the way of life because we are born heading towards the way of death, and the reproof and discipline will get you back off of that path and get you on the right path. Do you see what I am saying. Now look at Psalms 119:105; your word is a lamp unto my feet. In other words the word tells you where you are. You want to know where you are then get in God’s word and it will tell you where you are. It will be a lamp to your feet. You have to know where you are before you can know where you are going, so you know where you have been so you won’t go back. Does it not say the word of God is like a mirror? It tells you what you look like. So the word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. In other words it tells you where you are and where you have been, but it also tells you where you are going. The light is revelation which is the Holy Spirit taking the word of God and revealing it to you so it tells you where you are to go. So the word is a lamp and the revelation of the word is where to go. Because you can look at the word and tell exactly where you are, but how do you know where to go? Unless there is a revelation which is light and comes from the Holy Spirit.

Is it not amazing the harlot spirit manifest in the legs and feet when I am ministering deliverance to an individual most times. Is it not amazing when I cast that harlot spirit out of someone it manifest most times in the feet because it is leading people in the wrong direction because it is the wrong revelation of god’s word. Boys and girls we are learning some truth here. Do you have any idea what I am saying? The reason God has been ale to reveal a lot of this stuff to me is because I have be ministering deliverance to someone and I would see those demons manifest in the legs and I would ask God why are those demons in the legs. I have had demons say several different times to me just let me have her legs. The demons would say I will go just let me have their legs. You know why it wanted the legs? Because it was going to lead them right down the wrong path again if I let them stay in the legs. So I would tell them no deals get out of the legs, the feet, and the whole body just get out of here.

Back to Proverbs 6:24: to keep you from the evil woman and from the smooth tongue of the adulteress. In other words, how do you stay away from this harlot spirit that is going to lead you down the wrong road. I just read verses 20-23 and that is how you do it. Now listen folks. Just casting a demon out of you is not going to keep you from the harlot. That is not enough. It is important and it is necessary and you have to have it but it is not enough. You have to do what it says here about the word of God. Because how will you know the difference between the Holy Spirit and the harlot spirit. That is why most people are deceived because they do not know the word of God. I guarantee you I can talk to most people who attend church and they have know clue about anything I am talking about right here with you. I mean just absolutely zero. How do you think they are going to know. All they know is what they have been taught by their demon nation and it is completely wrong. Oops I meant to say denomination, excuse me. I am serious, that is what they know. Go ask the catholic. They know what the catholic priest said, if he did not speak Latin which I hear the priest are going to go back to Latin because people are starting to know too much. They are going back to Latin so people wont know a cotton picking thing. Isn’t that amazing. What do Baptist know? They know what the Baptist taught them. What do Methodist know? They know what the Methodist taught them. I mean John Wesley did not have all the truth did he? Why would you form a denomination around John Wesley? He was a good man but did know everything? I don’t think so. Lutherans don’t have all the truth, did you know Luther got really messed up in his later years. The charis-maniacs out there don’t even get me started. Just look at Brownsville or this holy fire garbage which is purely demonic in case anybody was wondering. When you do a study on the refiners fire, you will see that fire of God is Satan sent to burn up all the hay wood and stubble in our lives so that we can be pure and holy to stand before God. Why on earth would a believer want the fire of God to come dwell in them. You are asking for demons. That is just foolish. Let me just warn you little brothers and sisters that if you are attending a church that is playing with this fire garbage and you are calling for this fire you have no idea what you are messing with. Because when the fifth trumpet blows in the book of Revelation and the key to the bottomless pit is given to open it up then you have know idea what kind of spirits are about to come up out of that abyss and you are going to be telling them basically to come and get me. Let me tell you guys that in these last days you better start listening to the Spirit of God and the word of God and you better stop chasing after or being a part of all these man made things.

Look like I said earlier the politically and spiritually correct thing for me is over for me guys. All hell is about to come against the church and this world and only the pure in heart are going to make it. Everything and everybody else is about to get destroyed. There is no government or group of governments that will keep you safe. You better start burying your nose in the word of God crying out to God in repentance and asking for His grace and deliverance or you are going to be gathered up with the tares. I am just calling it like it is. I don’t have time to waste saying anything else. Now if anybody does not want to go there then that’s fine but we as believers have got to go to a place and a relationship with Jesus that we have never been. Like when Joshua got ready to go into the promised land and the Lord showed up and Joshua goes up and says are you for us or against us, and the Lord said I am taking over. God did not say He was for or against but He said I am taking over. That is what God is saying right now to the remnant that is hearing His voice. God is saying I am taking over what do you want and who’s side do you want to be on. Amen guys! Joshua said uh oh you must be the Lord. God was telling Joshua you are about to go a way you have not ever been before in your whole life. Listen guys if you an hear what I am saying! You are about to go a way you have never been in your whole life. You better get ready. You better lighten the load and throw stuff overboard because you are going to go down a road you have never been down before and if you are not up for it now you better get ready. If you are going to stand with the bridegroom on the final battle you better get your heart ready and engage yourself in spiritual warfare right now or you are going to get destroyed.

I don’t know why people can get behind the pulpit and talk about how you are supposed to do things when they have never been there. Why would you teach something that you have never done. We have people doing things and teachings things they have never done. They are talking garbage like a Christian can’t have a devil and yet they have never cast one out of anybody. Why on earth would you ever want to listen to anybody like that? What a joke! Hey smart ones, Jesus cast demons out of and healed those that where his children. Why on earth would you ever want to cast a demon out of a unbeliever? It don’t make sense to me. That unbeliever is just going to run back and lick that demon and seven more of his buddies right back up.

Back to Proverbs, to keep you from the evil woman and the smooth tongue of the adulteress. In other words you will be deceived by the smooth tongue of the adulteress if you do not get the word of God in you combined with the revelation from the Holy Spirit. The word of God and the revelation from the Spirit of God is the only thing that will keep you from the harlot. Verse 25; Do not desire her beauty in your heart. What did the harlot spirit say to Adam and Eve. Oh it’s nice to look at. That fruit just looks so good and it is going to make you so special. Do you see? Don’t desire the beauty in your heart. Don’t let her capture you with her eye lids. I have told many times the story about the man I cast the first demon out of. He batted his eyes at me and blew kisses. Little did I know back then what that was. That demon kept blowing kisses at me and batting it’s eyes and this man was 6ft 4 in and 300 lbs, and I was thinking something not right about this. I never had anybody do that to me who had a beard.

For on the account of the harlot one is reduced to a loaf of bread. The adulteress hunts for the precious life. The lives of the people of God is precious. Your life is precious and so what does Satan want to do? He wants to steal what is precious from God. How do you hurt somebody? You take what is precious to them. What does the harlot do? It comes after the precious people of God. You are precious to God and He loves you and the harlot comes after you., and it is hunting for you. It hunts for the precious life. Satan has his hunters and fisherman. They go hunting and they go fishing to entice you away from the word of God. They do the same thing that the Spirit of God does which is hunting and fishing. If the harlot can find anything in you it is going to capture you and take you away. It came after Jesus didn’t it? It came after Adam and Eve. It is coming after you. Can a man take fire into his bosom and his clothes not be burned. You know how many times I have had this spirit manifest in the bosom when I was praying for someone. That thing will manifest right in the bosom and just get locked in there. Can you take fire into your bosom and your clothes not be burned , in other words when you get that harlot spirit working in you and that harlot spirit is operating causing deception it burns your clothes. That is how you walk about naked in the book of Revelation. Remember He says you are wretched, poor, naked, miserable and blind. He says be careful no one steals your clothes. Because that harlot spirit comes to steal kill and destroy and it will burn your clothes and you will walk about naked. You get demons and lose your robe, or garment of righteousness, when you listen to the harlot and take her spirit or that fire into your heart.

Turn to Revelation 16:13; I saw it coming out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast, and out the mouth of the false prophet three unclean spirits like frogs. They are spirits of demons performing signs to the whole world to gather them together for the great day of God. That is the day of the Lord, now look at verse 15: Behold I am coming like a thief, blessed is the one who stays awake, Blessed is the one who stays awake in other words the way you stay awake is you stay away from the harlot spirit. Let me ask you this; are all the virgins sleeping in the last days? Yes, you see we have got to wake up and stay awake. It would be a terrible thing to wake up just to fall back to sleep. Have you ever tried to fight sleep and you are trying to stay awake and you are driving and you are hitting yourself. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his clothes. In other words if you do no stay awake you are going to lose your clothes because you are going to take the fire of the harlot into your bosom and it’s going to burn your clothes and your going to lose them. That is what it is talking about right here. So that you will not walk about naked and men see your shame.

We are not talking about physical nakedness here. I haven’t seen anybody running around that way. We are talking about spiritual clothing here. If you don’t keep your lamp burning it’s hard to stay awake when it’s dark. So you better keep your lamp lit. What did the foolish virgins do and the wise virgins do. They got there lamp and turned them on, and when the foolish virgins lamp went out and they didn’t have the oil they where asleep and they missed the Lord because they had a spirit of harlotry working in them. That is what this is. If you don’t keep your lamp burning then you will go to sleep and the harlot will bun your clothes and you will not be able to stand before the Lord clothed in righteousness. Now back to proverbs 6:24; can a man not walk on hot coals and his feet not be scorched. There is your feet again; there is the fire, and there is the scorching of the feet. You lose your peace on your feet because the gospel of peace is on your feet. Is that not interesting that the gospel of peace is on the feet and the harlot comes after the legs and the feet and your walk. You lose your peace because the walk of disobedience brings a consuming fire of the harlot. Look at verse 29 and watch this, so is the one who goes into his neighbors wife, now this is talking about the physical, but I am going to take this into the spiritual. Whoever touches her will not go un punished. Whoever touches the harlot will not go un punished. Did you know that the harlot spirit is Satan’s bride? The harlot spirit is Satan’s bride and you can not go in to her. Do you see what I am saying? You know on the earth when you deal or hookup with people who are into spiritual harlotry it is no different than Satanism, and you have just gone into somebody else’s wife and it’s the bride of Satan and you hook up with it. You know one of the times that we where down in Guatemala ministering we dealt with someone who was in Satanism and was being groomed to be a bride of Satan in the physical realm. We dealt with her and helped her get set free from all the junk she was carrying and now she and her husband are pastors. Satan has a bride just like Jesus has a bride and just like the Holy Spirit will lead you to be conformed to the image and likeness of Jesus; the harlot spirit will lead you to be conformed to the image and likeness of Satan. You got the Holy Spirit you are the bride of Christ. You get the harlot spirit then you are the bride of Satan. That just made me think of something else. How many churches out there in America and around the world are against the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Let me ask you this dear brothers and sisters, if you are against being filled with the Holy Spirit then what on earth are you filled with? The bible says if you do not believe the truth then you will receive a lie. God have mercy on us. This not very politically or spiritually correct is it. God is jealous because we are supposed to be His bride but how many of us as Christians are guilty of playing with that harlot spirit because of something it tells us we will get or receive from it. What happens when you turn your television on? What happens when you turn your radio on? What happens when you have that outburst of anger towards your spouse or your children? What are you Jealous of? What are you coveting that someone else has and you don’t? What do you love more than Jesus and walking in obedience to His word? What are you lusting after when you don’t think anybody else knows? You better not be committing adultery with the bride of Satan or you are in serious trouble.

Turn to Hoseah 4:13; They offer sacrifices on the tops of the mountain, they offer incense on the hills under the oak, the popular, the tarybrynth because there shade is pleasant. In other words they go and sacrifice under those shade trees because it’s pleasant there. There no sun there. Let me find a good old shade tree so I can commit harlotry and sacrifice with Satan. Therefore your daughters play the harlot and your brides commit adultery. Like mother like daughter; like father like son. I will not punish your daughters when they play the harlot or the brides when they commit adultery because the men go apart. It’s not just the women it’s the men so you’ve got to understand we are not talking about sex or gender here we are talking about both and or spirit. The men themselves go apart with harlots. So the men go to harlots and the women are harlots. So if the men are going to harlots then they become one with the harlot so then they are harlots. So it is all harlotry. Do you see what I am saying? And they offer sacrifices with temple prostitutes. These where prostitutes in the temple. For those of you that have studied Judaism you know about the temple prostitutes. Now watch this; so the people without understanding are ruined. What does that mean? Harlotry brings confusion on the rest of the people when the leaders commit sin. Have you ever seen a leader fall and watch what happens to the rest of the people. I saw this happen when I was a senior in high school at a mega church in the DFW area. Everyone scattered. That was over twenty years ago and I still come across a lot of those people today and they have all scattered from one place to another, and lot of them have left the church completely. How sad is that? Why? Because when the leadership goes after that spirit of harlotry the people get ruined because they are going what is going on here. They are confused because the leadership is saying one thing and doing another, and it is confusing to the sheep. Verse 15; though you Israel play the harlot do not let Judah become guilty; also do not go to Gilgal or up to Bethhaven and take the oath as the Lord lives. Israel is stubborn like a stubborn heifer. Can the Lord now pastor them Like a lamb in a large field. In other words God is saying this; God can not pastor harlots; He won’t pastor harlots. That is what he is talking about. Do you see what I am saying. Israel was a harlot and God was saying can I pastor her like a lamb in a large field. He can’t do it. Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone. There liquor gone they play the harlot continually. So people go out and get drunk and what’s the next thing they go and do? They shack up in the physical. Right that’s why people go to bars and get drunk and when the liquors gone they shack up. Spiritually the wine represents all the teaching and boom after they have received all the teaching or when the teaching is gone they go and ply the harlot. They go and commit spiritual harlotry. Their rulers dearly love their shame. This is drunkenness caused by the false teaching of the harlot that will cause you to go to harlotry. This is caused from drunkenness comes from feeding on the wrong wine. Does it not say in Proverbs that the harlot mixes her wine and spreads her table. The wine is the spirit and the table is the word, and so that is what you do. You drink the word and you get the wrong spirit and you get drunk and you become a harlot, and you go into harlotry. The harlot is setting a table just like the Holy Spirit sets a table, because He said I sent out my maidens. I have set my table; I have mixed my wine. Is this stuff making any sense to anyone or am I just talking to myself here? It is like the truth is so hard to believe. Is it not? It is to me. I read this and I go my goodness, Lord, this is so hard to believe, but I see it everywhere I go with everybody I minister to. People have played the harlot with God and have lusted after and coveted after the things of the world and now they have total hell operating in their life and they come to me going what’s wrong with me? The wind wraps them in wings and they will be the shame because of their sacrifices. This scorching wind is referring to the powers of darkness that comes and wraps them up and burns them up.
Turn to Hoseah 4:1-6; listen to the word of the lord sons of Israel; the Lord has a case against the inhabitants of the land. When the Lord has a case against the people; it is a bad deal. Have you ever had a case against somebody. You came in and read them the riot act. Your boss ever had a case against you? Your wife ever had a case against you? Your husband ever had a case against you? Young people have your parents ever had a case against you? Well the Lord has a case against the people! Why does he have a case? Because there is no faithfulness; they are not faithful which means they play the harlot. They are not faithful to God in everything. There is no kindness nor knowledge of God in the land. Here is what they have swearing, deception, murder, stealing, adultery, violence, so bloodshed follows bloodshed therefore the land mourns and every one who lives in it languishes along with the beast of the field. Look as verse 4; this is your politically, spiritually correct people or prophets right here. Oh let no one find any fault, oh we don’t want to judge, oh don’t point out anything, let no one find fault, let none offer reproof, for your people are like those that contend with the priest. In other words you better not judge, you better not say anything, you better not reproof, you better not come against this stuff. Do you see what I am saying? People have gotten to the place where they won’t say anything about anything. I mean they will find something good to say about the devil. Oh the devils not so bad. We have lost it as the children of God. Don’t expose the rebellion! Don’t expose the harlotry! I am telling you brothers and sisters it is time for it to be exposed. Because they would not expose the harlotry back here in Hosea look at Verse 5: So you will stumble by day. You are going to stumble in the daylight. You are supposed to stumble at night, but here are the people of God in Hoseah stumbling by day because its really night. Because no ones pointing out the issues or sins every one is walking blindly. So you will stumble by day and the prophets will stumble with you by night. Why? Because God is saying because you have chosen a different spirit to be their teacher, rather than the Holy Spirit; God is about to destroy their leadership or their harlot mother.

Verse 6: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. They don’t know. Why? Because they wont listen. People typically get what they want and God will allow this to test your heart. You are supposed to cry out for Wisdom as silver and seek for her as gold. Listen you have got to want this thing. I have had people come to me wanting deliverance; I mean really wanting deliverance. When they come wanting it brother you know what? They get it. But brother you have got to want this. They are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Here is what happens here; they won’t listen to sound teaching which it talks about in the last days, but because you have rejected knowledge; I will reject you from being my priest. So God is telling them if you are going to reject my knowledge you won’t be my priest. So that means there are a lot of people who are priest or pastors in that are not supposed to be. Since you have forgotten the law, which I have taught many times before that the law is the word and the word is Jesus. Since you have forgotten the law of your God; I will also forget your children. Because Jesus is God’s son, and when you forget the law; you forget his child so God in return will forget your children. So you will lose your children. If you forget the word of God, which is His Son, then He will forget your children. Turn to 2 Timothy 4:1-4; I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, by His appearance and His kingdom. Preach the word. He did not say preach your word. He did not say preach denominations, but he says preach the word of God. Be ready in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort with great patience and instruction, for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. Do you know who they is? Us! Most people in the last days who call themselves Christians will not endure sound doctrine. Now if you, who are reading this right now, would answer this with a sincere heart; would you say that that time is right now where they will not endure sound doctrine? Think about it! Because most people will not endure what I am teaching right here. But wanting to have their ears tickled. Say something that makes me feel good about my self. Oh that word sounds so good brother, teach it! So what do they do? They accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires or their own lust. Is there not teachers all over the place that will teach you anything you want to hear. Now everywhere you go, as long as you give me everything you’ve got so I can be rich and you can think you are! God says people are stupid. He really does. Without God we are stupid. They will turn away their ears from the truth and turn aside to myths.

Now back to Josiah 4:7; the more they multiplied the more they sinned against me. Now watch this; I will change their Glory into shame. Now most people today sitting in church today have no idea what the glory of the Lord is. People are saying they want the glory of God and they are thinking all these little blessings to feed there fleshly needs or desires are going to fall down on them. They are going to claim the glory of God here halleluiah, but people have a misunderstanding of the glory of God. Okay now I want you to look at this! Turn to Psalms 78:61; I am going to teach you the glory of the Lord real fast here. And gave up His strength to captivity and His glory into the hand of the adversary. Turn to Psalms 106:17-20; Now watch this; the earth opened up and swallowed Dathan and engulfed the company of Abiram, and a fire blazed up in their company, the flame consumed the wicked, there is your consuming fire, they made a calf in Horeb and worshiped a molten image; they exchanged their glory for the image of an ox that eats grass. Now watch this! They exchanged their glory for the image of a beast because a ox is a beast. Their glory is the glory of the Lord, which is the image of Jesus, so they exchanged their glory, which was being conformed to the image of Jesus, for the image of the beast which is the glory of Satan, or the counterfeit to the glory of the Lord. Now let me show you this, remember when Lazarus was dying they sent word to Jesus saying Lazarus is dying and Jesus said yeah I know. So Jesus let him die. So they told Jesus if you had been here Lazarus would not have died, Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life. I can raise somebody from the dead. Then He prays and says; did I not say if you believe you would see the Glory of the Lord. That is what He said, and so he goes in and Lazarus is in the tomb and Jesus says Lazarus come forth, and he comes forth. That is the Glory of God because it is the resurrected life of Jesus Christ in Lazarus is the Glory of God. The Glory of God is the image and likeness of Jesus in you. You want to see the Glory of God in your life; this happens when you let the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit conform you to the image and likeness of Jesus. Because man is the Glory of God and woman is the glory of the man. So man is the image and likeness of God when we submit and walk in obedience to God. So spiritually when you become like Jesus you are the Glory of God, but when you choose to play the harlot and follow after and worship the harlot, you become the glory of the beast, or the image of the beast, instead of the image Jesus. Do you guys see that. That is the Glory of the Lord and Satan’s counterfeit the glory of the beast. When you walk in and submit to the will and authority of Jesus it kills your flesh and then Jesus can give you resurrected life in this lifetime and raise you back up in the Spirit and you become the Glory of the Lord. That’s when you can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. That’s when you can cast out demons, that’s when you get your prayers answered, and that is when you can preach the gospel under the power and anointing as the spirit leads. Otherwise you will be the image of the beast, because you can not serve two masters. That is why Jesus said this is how you will know the sons of God. In my name they will cast out demons. In my name they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover, In my name they will proclaim the favorable year of the Lord and set the captives free. That is the image and likeness of Jesus. A man not conformed to the image of Jesus is the image and likeness of the beast or Satan. Do you hear what I am saying? Are you ready to throw stones yet? You better hear what I am saying. The image of the beast, the false prophets, and Satan are all one and the same. There are not going to be any statues running around in the last days talking. In Revelation it says the false prophet causes the image to speak. Don’t go looking for some statue in Dallas TX to start talking. Big Tex is not going to start speaking. So how does he cause the image of the beast to speak. He gets you to walk, and talk, and act just like Satan. Then you speak, and you become the image of the beast.

Look guys I haven’t even gotten started. I am just now starting to get to the good stuff. If you study the image of the beast you will see that the beast eats grass, and we know from the Bible that all flesh is grass. The sun rises and the grass withers. The beast eats the grass. So the beast eats us. Is anybody out there getting the picture yet? When you join the harlot you become one with it and you conform to that image. That’s what that is all about. Back to Hoseah 4:8; they feed on the sin of my people and direct their desire towards their iniquity; and it will be like people like priest, in other words you will be just like your teacher. That is why that smooth tongue of the adulteress is going to speak through prophets, teachers, and pastors to conform you to that image and you will be in that spirit of harlotry; like people like priest. The priest are going to be doing this and the people will be just like them, but boy it is not nice to say this. I mean really it’s not, and the time has come for this to be said, but you have got to know what you are saying and you have got to be able to prove it out of the word and by action. Just like when I started doing deliverance and teaching deliverance and that people could be demonized, I had to know it and be able to do it before I could go preach it. I did it privately until I understood all of it.

You will become like your priest and both will be repaid for their deeds. A disciple is not above his teacher nor a slave above his master, Matthew 10:24. In other words you better let the Spirit of God and the word of God be your teacher. Verse 25: it is enough for the disciple that he become like his teacher. In other words if you are a disciple of Jesus, you are going to become like Him, and a slave like his master. You know why a disciple or a slave is like their master? It is because they do what the master says and you become like what they are saying. So you become like Jesus. If they have called the head of the house Beelzebub, how much more the members of His household. Who’s the head of the house? Jesus. Do you know what Beelzebub means? It means Lord of the flies and it is another name for Satan. If they have called the head of the house Beelzebub, how much more the members of his household. If they called Jesus Beelzebub then they are going to call you Beelzebub if you are following in His footsteps. Who is They in the Greek here? Religious people or Pharisees. Have you been called the devil lately? No! Then you may not be the member of His household. Do you see what I am saying? This is scary. I am just reading straight from the bible and I am not making it say anything but what it is saying guys. If you are struggling with this you need to start reading your Bible guys and quit listening to the garbage your doctrines of demons have taught you . Either this Bible is true or it’s not true. How much more will they malign the members of His household. Brother when you start preaching, teaching, and doing what Jesus says and start casting out demons; you will be called everything but a good old boy. If you become like Jesus then religion will call you the devil. If you are not being called the devil you may not be like Jesus.

Woe to you when all men speak well of you. Woe to you when all men speak well of you. Therefore don’t fear them. Get the fear off of you. Don’t worry about what everybody else says about you. If you worry about that you are not ever going to raise the dead, cast out devils, and heal the sick. Don’t fear them because there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known. Watch this! The purpose of persecution is to put fear of man and religion on peoples to get them to bow down to the harlot and keep their mouth shut. It is to keep your mouth shut. It’s fear and intimidation. Verse 27: What I tell you in the darkness speak in the light, and what you hear whispered in you ear proclaim on the house tops. He said get up there like a satellite dish and send out a signal proclaiming what the Spirit reveals to you. Do not fear those who kill the body. You can not keep the junk from coming guys, but God can protect you through it. If you are reading this and you have lost your job recently. Maybe that is not where God wants you right now. There may be some things you do not need to be around that might have put a un-Godly fear on you and kept you in bondage to the harlot. These are the days to clothe yourself in righteousness and not to fall asleep. Maybe God is telling you He wants you in the right spot. Don’t fear those who kill the body, but is unable to kill the soul, rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. It’s time to fear the Lord. Don’t be afraid to speak out what God has revealed to you. The harlot spirit or Jezebel spirit, Herodius wants to shut the mouth of the prophet. Are not two sparrows sold for a cent yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your father, the very hairs on your head are numbered and some of you have more numbers than others. So do not fear. Get the fear completely out.

So you are more valuable than the sparrows, you confess Me before men, I will confess him before my father. That does not mean come down to the front of the church and say Jesus is Lord. That is not confessing Him before men. He is talking about what the Holy spirit reveals to you say it. You ashamed of Me, you ashamed to get up and say what I said. Do not be ashamed to get up and say what God is saying to you. Guys in case you have not noticed at this point I am not ashamed to say what God is speaking to me. Do not be ashamed to say what God is saying brothers. Get this spirit of the world that is on every body that is afraid to say it like it is and call something the way God sees it off of you brother, or Jesus will deny you before His Father. I am not saying be mean spirited. That is not what I am saying, but cal it like it is. Jesus did not have a problem calling it like it was. If god raises you up to be a watchmen over the people and you don’t warn the people then there blood is on your hands. We have been told for so long to keep our mouth shut and not to stand up for what we know is right because we might offend somebody. It is time for the real prophets and people of God to stand up and sound the alarm. I don’t want to speak for God, but I think He is a little tired of it. Therefore whoever denies Me before men I will deny him before my Father. Don’t think I came to bring peace. I did not come to bring peace, but I came to bring a sword. He said it is not peace and safety; it is war. What do you do with a sword? You go to war.

This is the message that the church needs to hear. It is not peace and safety; it is war. You have a enemy who is trying to kill you and he is doing a pretty good job for the most part, but you better take up the sword. I came to set a man against his father. I am telling you what. People get cast out of their family for standing for Jesus. I have talk to some people. Brothers, some of you know what I am talking about. A daughter against her mother. A daughter n law against mother n laws. A mans enemies will be the members of his own household. If you love father or mother more than me then you are not worthy of me. If you love son or daughter more than me then you are not worthy of me. If you do not take up your cross then you are not worthy of me. There is some unworthiness there isn’t there. If you find your life you will lose it. If you lose your life you will find it. It is right the opposite. And he who receives you receives Me. In other words when you come and you preach this word and people receive you then they receive the lord. He that receives you receives Me and he that receives Me receives Him who sent me. When you receive Jesus, you receive the Father to. The spirit of harlotry wants you to save your life. It wants you to not go through the fire. It wants you to keep your mouth shut and it wants you to bow down to people. That is what that spirit wants.

He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophets reward. You know what that means. When you receive a prophet you get the gift of the prophet or what the prophet has to say. You have to receive the person in order to receive what He is saying, and the devil wants to turn you against people, and prophets , and pastors, and evangelist, and apostles and all of that. He that receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man receives a righteous man’s reward. Whoever in the name of a disciple gives a little one a cold cup of water to drink he will not lose Hs reward. Luke 6:39; a blind man can not lead a blind man can he or else they will both fall into the pit. So that spirit of harlotry and that blind teacher will cause you to stumble and you will both fall in the ditch.

Let’s go on down. Turn to Deuteronomy 31:16. Behold the Lord said you are about to lie down with your fathers and people will rise and play the harlot with strange gods of the land. That’s how you play the harlot is with strange Gods. They will forsake my covenant that I have made with them, and then my anger will be kindled against them in that day. I will forsake them and I will hide my face from them and they will be consumed. Do you see what happens to the harlot? And many troubles will come upon them and they will say in that day is not because our God is not with us that these evils came upon us. This is what happens when you play the harlot. Judges 2:17; yet they did not listen to their judges for they played the harlot after other gods and bowed themselves down to them; they turned aside quickly from the way in which there fathers had walked in obeying the commandments of the Lord. Do you see what I am saying? That is how you play the harlot. Judges 8:27; Gideon made it into a ephod. And Israel played the harlot with that garment. They played the harlot with a garment. Can you believe that? They worshiped that stinking garment. But oh what do we do with our televisions.

2 Chronicles 21:11-15; Watch this, It is talking about Israel it says they walked in the way of the kings of Israel and they have caused Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to play the harlot as the house of Ahab played the harlot. That is talking about Ahab and Jezebel played the harlot. This is the Jezebel that killed all but 100 prophets that where being hidden out in the wilderness and Elijah. This the same Ahab that God sent a demonic spirit to be a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all Ahab and Jezebels prophets to lead King Ahab out to battle so he would die. The Lord is going to strike your people, your sons, your wives, and all your possessions with a great calamity and you will suffer severe sickness, a disease in your bowels. That does not sound good. Until your bowels come out because of the sickness day by day. It says the Lord will do this. Psalms 106:39-42; they became unclean in their practices, unclean spirits and played the harlot in their deeds. It says their deeds would not allow them to return to the Lord because of a spirit of harlotry is within them. It’s your deeds that will keep you from the Lord and until you get cleaned up you won’t ever be able to return to the Lord or get delivered. You have to repent which is turning completely away from the sin. That is why sometimes when ministering with someone on deliverance you can not get them delivered until they first repent of un-confessed sin. Therefore we know the anger of the Lord, which if you study your bible you will see that is the powers of darkness, was kindled against his people, He abhorred His inheritance, he gave them into the hands of the nations, and those that hated them ruled over them. That is the powers of darkness. They hate your guts. When you go into revelation with I will go into with you some other time, It says they hated the harlot, and the ones that the harlot committed adultery with hated her. Look out guys I am just telling you the church again is about to be persecuted again. There enemies hated them and suppressed their power.

Jeremiah 3:1-3; If a husband divorces his wife and she goes from him and belongs to another man we he still return to her will not that land be completely polluted. But you are a harlot with many lovers and yet you turn to me declares the Lord. In other words, he says you have got all these lovers and you come to me. This is what we have done a lot of times as the people of God is we have all these other lovers and God is going are you talking to me? Lift up your eyes to the bare heights and see where you have not been violated, by the roads you sat for them like a Arab in the desert you polluted the land with your harlotry therefore the showers have been with held. They have no Spirit of God. There has been no spring rain and yet you have had a harlots for head. In the book of Revelation you get the mark of the beast on your for head. That is a harlots for head. Having the mind of Satan instead of the mind of Christ. You refuse to be ashamed. Jeremiah 3:8-10; I saw for all of the adulteresses of faithless Israel. I sent her away and gave her writ of divorce. Did you know He divorced her. What is the only reason for divorce in the new testament? Harlotry or adultery. So what is God saying here. I divorce you because you are a harlot. I telling brothers and sisters if you are playing around with the harlot in your life, you better divorce her before it’s too late. You need to get a writ of divorce from the harlot. We need to get married to the Lord. Because of the lightness of her harlotry, she threw it away. She polluted the land and committed adultery with stones and trees. Think about committing adultery with your house. People commit adultery with your house. People loving their house more than God. Might that be reason our mortgage industry has collapsed because God is systematically removing all our idols in this nation one at a time. Yet in spite of this her treacherous sister Judah did not return to me with all their heart. That is the problem. You have to return to the Lord with all your heart. We have not been taught in today’s churches as whole that we have to come with all of our heart. So we have kept part of it back. Because we are afraid this is going to happen, we are afraid if we submit to God the way He wants us to do hell is going to break loose. But he said Judah did not return to me with all their heart but with deception. In other words they came in deception or pretending. They pretended obedience. It is like coming to your spouse not with all your heart, but in pretense. Its pretense and then you go out and do this other thing. Because you are not coming to God with all your heart; this is the problem. This is probably a lot of the problems in our marriages is because we have not committed to our spouse with all our heart. We have divorced our spouse in our heart. When we get this right it will heal our marriages. Ezekiel 6:9 Then those of you that have escaped will remember me among the nations to which they will be carried captive. And those of you who escape will remember me how I have been hurt by their adulteress hearts which turned away from me. Now this is the heart of God who has had a people that He has died for. In other words their harlotry hurt God. God’s heart is hurt today by the harlotry of His church. Think about this husbands and wives. What if you saw your spouse go out and commit harlotry everyday and come home to you at night and you live with that. Is that what God lives with today? How I have been hurt by their adulteress hearts that turned away from me and their eyes which played the harlot after their idols. They will loathe themselves in their own sight for the evils which they have committed for all their abominations. You also played the harlot with the Egyptians, your lustful neighbors and multiplied your harlotry to make me angry. And these things will be done to you because you have played the harlot with the nations. Have we allowed the nations to come into this country and bring their idols, their gods, their abominations into this country and we play the harlot with it? Look who we just elected as our president. I guarantee you we have. I am going to stop because I am very tired for one thing and I want to start fresh next time.

God Bless


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