nothing can kill who God wants to live

This testimony was a very painful situation but I give God praise for his healing power. In 1998 I had a big blood vessel burst on my brain. I stayed home for 3 days bleeding in my head not knowing what had happened to me all i knew is i could not stop my head from hurting. I finally went to the hospital emergency room were the doctors told my family that i was going to die but if i lived that I would have to go into a nursing home because i would be like a vegtable, not able to eat, walk or talk. I would be in a comatose state the rest of my life. I was put in ICU they did not operate to get the blood clot off my brain because they said it would do no good. while in ICU I did have a deathly expierance were I stopped breathing and went straight to Hell. hell is the worst place you can imagine. blackness like no blackness here on earth, the demons steady tormenting you hurting you, the heat is hotter than fire here on earth, but i kept crying out to God to help me I do not know how but some how God got me took me to Heaven with him, Heave is sooooo peaceful I have never felt a peace like that here on earth. while in Heaven i walked and talked with God never seeing him but i was so happy to to be in such a beautiful place in the presence of God. after being happy and full of joy for awhile all of a sudden I felt a sadness come over me than i asked myself why was i so sad all of a sudden that i realized that it was God feeling hurt and sad, I asked God why was he sad, why was He hurting ? God simply said because my people don’t know me and I love them. Than he asked me if I wanted to stay or come back to earth, I said i wanted to stay in heaven, as soon as i said that God bought my than 3 year old son to my memory than i said God i cannot stay I have a son too little understand why i left him I have to go back to him. God allowed me to come back here, when I got back to earth I was in the ceiling and saw a nurse running in my room she started hitting me in my chest telling me to breathe. the the next day I was put in another room, an angel came to my bed and said that she would be with me all night not to worry I will be alright because she will gladly take care of me. She than said that she was honored to be in my presence, that it was a blessing for her to be with me, i asked her why was she saying that? she said because i have seen small ones of what you had and they did not survive, you have a big one and you survived so u are a blessing.
To make this short The Lord completely healed me, The doctors was suprised that I not only lived but i was able to walk, even go back to work within two weeks. All the blood had gone out of my head when i went back to the doctor, He asked me were did the blood go he could not believe it, i said you don’t know the God i serve. I will cut this off now, do not know how much i can tell on here since this is my first time on this site. not only did God heal me but He also paid the hospital bill, that bill was almost $ 18,000.00 I did not have insurance because i was working part time, hospital cheity would not pay it because i was working so the hospital put me on monthly payments to pay the bill, I never paid a penny because a week later i got a reciept in the mail from the hospital saying paid in full. I called then they do not know who paid it. That goes to show if God bring you to it He will bring you through it.
I know that was an angel in my hospital room because she was glowing. This happened to me because of my disobiedance to God. I thank God for being the God of a second chance.

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