Not 7 times, but 70 x7

Did you come equipt with a greivence book attatched? I was wondering how many people think that they have one. I don’t know where they put it, is it under their arm, or under the hair on their head, or maybe on the Souls of their feet. I have Never seen one on any one, yet if you look real hard, you may find that you have one in your heart. I always thought that people would look pretty odd running around with a book attatched to them with a name of everyone they have met on it and if for every offense they would put ;next to each name; a chicken scratch of a 1 per each offense. What would they do once they reached the 490 on the account? You couldn’t kill them & you couldn’t scratch out their name because that would make you have to start over counting. If you reallly think about it. The whole idea of keeping count of the offense someone has made is just plain silliness! Yet I find many of us are running around holding onto all these IOU’s thinking they owe me or they hurt me so I have a right to be angry at them & Hate them. And then we expect God to bless us. How can he when we walk contrary to his teaching. Vengence is his, Not mine or anyone elses. Yes wee are pressed upon from the enemies of God and sometimes by those we love, but can you imagine the terrible trouble we would be in if we were the ones to take vengence. 490 times to forgive. Or basically just don’t bother counting, he Doesn’t keep record of our errs. He tosses them into the sea of forgetfullness. But we go around hating or hurting over those who aren’t saved or are lost and then can’t understand why they are the way they are. Who are the ones shining the light of God to show them the way. I know that it just makes the lost happier when they make you loose your joy, why not just let it go and leave them in Gods hands! Pray for them, for we were once lost too. It is so much easier to just say,”I won’t take the offense” and go forward to pray for that person than to hold that grudge into the temple of God and profane him. He tells you to do good to those who hurt you, not be mad & its okay to be mad because Gods on my side. You bind his hands and truely limit him in not letting it all go. Bring it to him today if you have any grudges or anger or hurt. Pray for the lost ones for we were once Gods enemies too and trust that God has all of the hurts and pains and knows what you are doing & what they are doing & give them the gift of your testimony while you are at it, you may be there to witness before that person. And if you don’t show them mercy they may never see mercy again. I for one have been guilty of grudge holding, but once I let the grudges go and gave them to Jesus, He sTarted moving in my life and filling me with great joy. I wish to see everyone do this in their lives, for we serve a Great God who wants all men to come to know him. And just think of how silly we would look on the outside if we did have a book attatched to us. What a waste of time & nonsense. Forgive today, while there is still time, For each day is the end of someones World. I pray that my words reach the hearts and minds of those that the lord has intended them for. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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