New Tract – 666 The Mark

Whilst evangelizing one day, the Lord spoke to me in prophecy to write a tract about the triple-6 chip.

This is a tract showing world events taking place in the world today on a scientific, technological,economic and social level, and how these events are fulfilling biblical end-times prophecy.

We are now living in the end times where all things are being brought to fulfillment. This message is no longer science fiction (to the world), but is being fulfilled and implemented according to what the bible prophesied 2000 years ago. This tract has been received by almost everyone we share it with, and can open many doors to share the gospel to those who normally wouldnt listen – it is a message that is relevent for all peoples of all nations.

Please download this tract freely and share with others so that they are brought to this accountability of the fullfilment of end times biblical prophetic truth – and to help save them from hell and the lake of fire.

This tract is strategic / effctive because:

1. The Lord prophesied to me, as well as another prophet to write it.
2. It shows clear-cut proof of the bible
3. It shows proof of biblical prophecy.
4. It is a tract that can be given to anyone.
5. It is simple, not compicated information.

To download – please click here:

Link 1: (direct download)

Link 2: (view tract)

Link 3: (document)

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