New Christian in need of prayers

I have tryed to write this out 2 times now and once yesterday, but my computer is going beyond crazy and the devil is trying everything for me not to get this out in the open…Here is the quickest version I can do before my comptuers starts acting a fool again…..I have sinned in all aspects of sin,occult ,paranormal stuff, drugs and drinking,fornicating,lying and cheating,stealing…. And I think there is generational curse invovled as my kids are affected through dreams and actions same as I have been …I am in the middle of delivering myself from all this…. And things are messing with me…. As I go to bed by trying to hold me down to feeling like I am being pulled out of myself like my soul is being yanked out of me is the only way to describe the feeling….Also talking to me in dream state which gets me to the waking state and words seem to drift off as I awaken but I am aware of them as I wake up..I know they are trying to wear me down so my heads not right and I just give up with the Lord Jesus Christ…. But I made a Oath to God and Myself and I stand by this and will not wavier from Gods love ever again as I understand alot more then I ever have with all this!!!!!! And I understand this is a process but everyones prayers would be so helpful for me and my kids right now!!!!!!!!And anything helpful with people that have experienced much of the same would be awesome. Anything helpful I can do to help my kids would very awesome…..Thanks be to God and have a Blessed Day!!!!!

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