The New Age Movement

Perhaps you are happy to be part of the “New Age movement”. Through
meditation, crystals and the development of various occult techniques,
you hope to become a more enlightened individual with a greater “cosmic
consciousness”, radiating out positive energy to the environment. You may
believe that God is Everything, and that you are God or are at least on
your way to realising your oneness with deity.

Here are some questions every New-Ager should ask:

“If I am God, why don’t I know it? If I do know it, why don’t I act
like it? And if I act like it, why am I going off to pay $300 to hear Shirley
MacLaine or some other guru tell me these things?”

If there are more than 5 billion sleeping gods on the earth, it doesn’t
mean much to be a god. The real God, the Creator of the Heavens and the
Earth can never be dethroned! He understands every mystery of science and
spirituality and is not taken in by the lying spirits which mankind has
embraced over the last few millenia.

How do you know that the dragons you are kissing and the spirits you
are trusting are not demons who are just stringing you along. So
what if they can create an experience in your brain similar to or better
than a high experienced through taking drugs? Beware lest, like a lamb
led to the slaughter, you follow your spirit guide … into the very flames
of hell.

How is it that primitive Christianity was able to overcome so much of
the paganism in Europe, if our God is not greater than millions of New-age
or Hindu “gods”?

All your various techniques are leading you into deeper bondage to evil
spirits. What you need is the knowledge of a Spirit who does not lie or
deceive. If you finally reject Jesus of Nazareth who is the only true Christ
or Messiah, you’ll never know that Holy Spirit in a personal way. You will
be cut off from all that is good, true and life-giving. Eternally. This
is truly tragic.

The basic reality is that you still can’t control your own life and
you fall short of every standard you may set, especially God’s. You desperately
need a Savior. There’s only one. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and
the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” (John 14:6).

I look forward to your feedback.

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